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Surfing and Yoga in Morocco – On the trail of the dromedaries to happiness

The landscape between Agadir and Imi Ouddar reminded me a lot of Spain and Portugal. Immediately I noticed the many surfers on the coast. And surfers all over the world seem to be cut from the same cloth: they are incredibly likeable, relaxed and fun-loving. This is exactly the feeling of life I felt as soon as I arrived at Paradis Plage Yoga & Surf Resort.


Mauritius vacation in April: The paradisiacal island state in the Indian Ocean

There are these places in the world that I’ve always wanted to visit. Mauritius, however, was not one of them for me. Sure, if my girlfriends suggested me to go to Mauritius in the evening, I would have immediately exchanged the noisy cocktail bar for a paradisiacal island without batting an eye, but otherwise I didn’t exactly have Mauritius in my sights as the ultimate travel destination.

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