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What could be nicer than the feeling of sand under your feet and long walks by the sea?

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Karma Surf Retreat: Yoga & Surf Holidays in Portugal

Finally feeling sand under your feet again, getting a light sunburn on your nose and looking at the sea for hours. Is there anything nicer? I spent a week at Karma Surf Retreat in Figueira do Guincho. A week full of relaxation, sunsets, incredibly good food, wonderful people and breathtaking nature.


Surfing and Yoga in Morocco - In the footsteps of the dromedaries to happiness

The landscape between Agadir and Imi Ouddar reminded me a lot of Spain and Portugal. I immediately noticed the many surfers on the coast. And surfers all over the world seem to be cut from the same cloth: they are incredibly likeable, relaxed and full of life. I felt exactly this attitude to life as soon as I arrived at the Paradis Plage Yoga & Surf Resort.

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