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Whether in the mountains or by the sea, in the urban metropolis or in nature - I now feel at home almost everywhere. I prefer spontaneity, so I love last minute and individual travel. I prefer to travel to unusual destinations and am always on the lookout for something special romantic and stunning accommodations. I believe that every journey has a very special magic that can enrich life enormously. I am all the more pleased to be able to share this unique attitude to life with you and thank you for accompanying me as a reader on my small, big adventure around the world. It goes from Oporto to Sardinia and Mykonos and Cappadocia in the mountains of the Allgaeu, out into the tropics Mauritius and by Shinkansen to Japan, where shortly afterwards the dromedaries are already waiting for us to show us a very special place in Morocco to show. But the journey doesn't stop there, because there are many more adventures to come.

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The origin of Halloween 

The origin of Halloween: A look at the roots of the spooky festival Back in 2019, I took you on a journey through beautiful Ireland - at the best time during Halloween. Today we would like to embark on a fascinating journey together...
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Hotel Erbprinz in Ettlingen: Wellness vacation & enjoyment on the edge of the Black Forest 

Sometimes the good is so close. If someone had suggested to us earlier that we should take a vacation around the corner, we would not have imagined how relaxing a break in our own home country could be. Located in the middle of the charming town of Ettlingen, surrounded by old trees, roses...
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