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Whether in the mountains or by the sea, in the urban metropolis or in nature – by now I feel at home just about everywhere. I prefer spontaneity, so I love last minute and individual travel. I prefer traveling to extraordinary destinations and am always on the lookout for particularly romantic and breathtaking accommodations. I believe that there is a very special magic inherent in every journey that can enrich one’s life enormously. All the more I am happy to be able to share this unique attitude towards life with you and thank you for accompanying me as a reader on my little, big adventure around the world. It goes from Porto to Sardinia via Mykonos and Cappadocia to the mountains of the Allgäu, out to tropical Mauritius and with the Shinkansen to Japan, where shortly after the dromedaries are already waiting for us to show us a very special place in Morocco. But the journey doesn’t stop here, because there are many more adventures to come.

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Short trip to Vienna – For a waltz in Vienna

There are those places that move with the times but still manage to preserve the beauty of the past. Places with a lot of history and even more emotions. One such place is Vienna. In this city it is worth looking for treasures from the past to get to know the real, world-famous Viennese charm.


Last minute vacation to Japan: Is it possible?

Most of us associate a trip to Japan with faraway places, fascinating culture, cutting-edge technology, but also with high prices and forward and timely planning. Often Japan trips are already offered as organized package tours but the relatively high prices deter many and especially younger people rather.


Surfing and Yoga in Morocco – On the trail of the dromedaries to happiness

The landscape between Agadir and Imi Ouddar reminded me a lot of Spain and Portugal. Immediately I noticed the many surfers on the coast. And surfers all over the world seem to be cut from the same cloth: they are incredibly likeable, relaxed and fun-loving. This is exactly the feeling of life I felt as soon as I arrived at Paradis Plage Yoga & Surf Resort.


Japan vacation to the cherry blossom: Did you know that it is five centimeters per second?

Five centimeters per second – that’s the speed of cherry blossoms until they fall to earth, and also the name of one of the most beautiful and romantic anime from Japan. When you ask people if they ever want to travel to Japan, there are usually only two extremes: Either they have little or no interest in the country, or they DESPERATELY WANT to go to the Land of the Rising Sun since their earliest childhood!


Mauritius vacation in April: The paradisiacal island state in the Indian Ocean

There are these places in the world that I’ve always wanted to visit. Mauritius, however, was not one of them for me. Sure, if my girlfriends suggested me to go to Mauritius in the evening, I would have immediately exchanged the noisy cocktail bar for a paradisiacal island without batting an eye, but otherwise I didn’t exactly have Mauritius in my sights as the ultimate travel destination.


Mykonos in October: Just stay and watch the ships

The first time I was on Mykonos was already a few years ago during a stopover on my way to Santorini. At that time I was glad that we flew on, because I really wanted to see Santorini and therefore Mykonos was not very appealing to me as a destination. But honestly, I had no idea about the island at the time and had a lot of butterflies in my stomach at the time.


Sardinia insider tip in summer: Sorso, the original Sardinia

Sardinia in July: There’s this one American TV series called Hart of Dixie, in which the protagonists, in addition to a lot of heartache, are continuously busy celebrating lavish parties in their quaint little town of Bluebell. As delightful as it is to watch Hart of Dixie, to completely switch off and immerse yourself in an ideal world, the whole scenario feels unrealistic to the viewer.

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