Around the world in one day

Wedding Theme Travel: Admittedly, I didn't know where to start at first. Wedding planning and all its facets seemed like an insurmountable mountain in unknown, steep terrain. And climbing isn't exactly one of my strengths. At least one thing, besides the wedding location, was already certain: the motto of our wedding. And what topic was better suited than a travel motto?

If I had known back then that choosing the location and the right theme were half the battle when planning a wedding, I could certainly have been more relaxed. But how does the saying go? You're always smarter afterwards. Organizing a wedding may seem intimidating at first, but with the right idea and preparation, it is not only easy but also a lot of fun.

Wedding Theme Travel Travel Themed Wedding

Here are the six most important questions for successful travel wedding planning

  1. Location: Where do you want to get married?
  2. Season: When do you want to get married?
  3. Free wedding or religious wedding: How would you like to get married?
  4. Guest list: How many guests would you like to invite?
  5. wedding motto: What is your common theme that you would like to have as your wedding theme?
  6. Feelings: How would you like her you feel in your day?
Wedding theme travel: How we organized our wedding with the motto "Around the world in one day".

Wedding motto travel: ideas, decoration & inspiration for your wanderlust wedding

The last question in particular was an absolute game changer for us. Like so many young couples, we initially thought so much about the guests. We somehow had this ideal image in our heads, which is mainly spread on social media. Maybe you know these pictures and videos: Refreshments from a jam jar, 100 bridesmaids in uniform dresses and all the guests crying tears of joy. Somehow these posts give the impression that it's all about uniform forms. And subconsciously we thought they were the setting for a successful wedding.

But we didn't really want to fit in there. We have somehow almost excluded ourselves. Sad, right? We realized that above all we want to celebrate ourselves and our love on this day and not a prefabricated ideal of a wedding celebration. Because a wedding celebration can be just as individual as your own love story. The more authentic you are when planning, the more beautiful the day will be.

Why a wedding motto will make planning a lot easier for you

At the beginning of our wedding planning, we sometimes no longer knew which was up and which was down. But no sooner had we decided on a motto than everything suddenly became much clearer. With a wedding motto or a specific wedding theme, we already roughly knew in which direction we wanted to go. We were able to think about which colors we should use or which color concept we should choose, what the decoration would look like and what feeling we would like to convey on our big day. A wedding motto gave us a clear line that we could use as a relaxed guide as we went through the entire planning process. Making decisions is a whole lot easier with a wedding theme, and planning is incredibly fun, too.

Wedding motto travel: Our location in Tuscany, Germany

Even at the first visit we were blown away by the location, which it should ultimately be. At that time Morrhof was still managed under the name Gebrüder Meurer. We arrived there on a fresh, sunny autumn morning and were immediately enchanted. There were enchanted romantic corners everywhere. The place exuded such peace and incredible calm. We felt like we were in a historic property in Tuscany. But it was to be a few more years before we were able to celebrate our wedding here. At that time the property also served as a hotel and we have also spent a relaxing weekend here.

Morhof Tuscany

In search of the light: Morrhof formerly Gebrüder Meurer

What particularly fascinated me is the soft, beautiful light in this location. The numerous trees, including an elegant avenue of cypresses, made us feel like we were on vacation in Tuscany or southern France every time we stayed at the Morrhof. It was exactly this lightness that we longed for for our wedding. In the Tuscany of Germany and with this breezy feeling, our little world trip "Around the world in one day" should start. The date was set and now the planning really started.

Wedding theme travel ideas and tips

Our invitation cards: boarding pass for the wedding

After the guest list was determined, we thought about how best to design the invitation cards. We wanted to invite every guest on our trip and what could be better suited for this than to design the invitation cards in the form of boarding passes? So we started looking for a suitable printer and found what we were looking for in the card maker. The cards look deceptively real and it was a lot of fun making them.

Boarding pass style invitation cards

Wedding decoration on the theme of travel

We were then allowed to really let off steam with the wedding decorations. In advance, we researched travel-related accessories and utensils that underline the travel wedding theme, such as old suitcases, historical books about world travel, vintage postcards and a printed globe. We had this image of a small world exhibition in mind, in miniature, of course. The postcards were allowed to be taken away by the guests and sent to us at some point over time.

Wedding theme travel: table decoration & table plan

We were also able to get really creative with the table decorations. The idea was to name the tables after our favorite travel destinations. Each table had its own name and was discreetly decorated individually. For a better overview, we designed a table plan in Canva in the form of a world map, selected shared photos from our respective trips to match the “destination table” and added the guest names to the respective table. But see for yourself!

We then had the whole thing printed at Poster XXL and were thrilled with the result! There are also options on Etsy & Co. to commission a similar table plan or table board. However, none of the offers appealed to us 100%, so we quickly decided to design our own board. Click here for our digital template place cards.

Wedding theme travel: seating plan and table plan
Wedding theme travel: table decoration

Decorative cherry trees

For the table decorations, we decided on decorative cherry trees in white, which were placed in the middle of the table and not only gave the room cosiness and depth, but also a lot of romance. In particular, the deceptively real-looking LED tea lights that we hung on the branches bathed the tables in a cozy light and created a wonderful atmosphere in the evening.

Travel themed wedding - table decorations and place cards
Table decoration wedding theme travel place cards according to travel destinations
How to organize your wedding with a travel theme

Wedding Theme Travel: The Menu

We have also added a pinch of wanderlust to our menu and adapted our wedding menu to the travel theme. As big Asia fans, we couldn't do without more exotic herbs and plants such as lemongrass and coriander. Like the Canva table plan, we designed the menu cards ourselves.

Wedding theme travel: menu and catering ideas and tips
How we organized our “Around the World in One Day” wedding
Wedding menu inspiration

The wedding cake

A very special highlight is of course the wedding cake. And especially with the travel motto you can let off steam creatively with the design of your cake. We were lucky that my brother's girlfriend is a pastry chef and together with my brother she conjured up our beautiful "Wanderlust" wedding cake. Together we decided on a "world map" wedding cake in the colors white, gold and blush, as these colors ideally matched the color concept of our wedding.

Wedding cake map

Our wedding floristry

When it came to flowers, we primarily wanted to emphasize this airy feeling of lightness and the beginning of summer, as well as bring in a bit of Tuscany feeling to match the location. Dear Hanna from floral artwork simply magically implemented our ideas, just as we imagined. Plus, her flowers lasted forever. After the wedding we let some of the flowers dry and used them for wreaths and decorations at home. The flowers still serve us today as a beautiful reminder of one of the most beautiful days of our lives.

Wedding motto Travel: Floristry

Wedding theme travel: entertainment & program

In terms of entertainment, we decided on a Tamada. For those who are unfamiliar with the term: A tamada is a kind of moderator who leads the bridal couple and the guests from "program point" to program point. On the one hand, this has the advantage that friends and family are "relieved" a little, do not necessarily have to prepare anything and can therefore enjoy the celebration as guests in a relaxed manner. On the other hand, the bridal couple does not have to worry about the process and can also lean back and enjoy their day. As a couple you are usually already excited enough 😊 That was also our wish that the wedding should feel like a short vacation for us but also for the guests.

We know that hiring a Tamada is still a bit atypical in Germany, but I can heartily recommend it to everyone. If friends or family would like to prepare something "program-wise", that's no problem at all and is done in consultation with the Tamada. In this way, however, there is no pressure to prepare something for certain guests. Normally, however, a surprise is organized at the end. Of course, we also discussed our wedding motto with our Tamada and she then also included travel-related elements in her program, so that in the end wonderfully funny games on the subject of travel were played.

Around the world in one day

The favors

For the guest gifts, we chose these cute little suitcases that can be bought on Etsy or Amazon. They are super easy to put together, don't take up much space and are simply an eye-catcher. We "packed" them with flower seeds for the adult guests, sweets for the children and socks for the babies. In addition, each guest was allowed to take postcards from their suitcases.

Wedding theme travel: party favors ideas

Photo box - memories of the most beautiful journey of our lives

Of course, photos should not be missing from a trip. For this occasion, we booked a fun, vintage-style photo box from the location. Tobias and I didn't use it once that day, but the guests were enthusiastic about taking snapshots. Unfortunately, our location did not allow boxes from external service providers, otherwise we would have chosen them Photo box by Kruu decided, with which we have already had great experiences and for which we also have a review. We think a photo box is definitely a great entertainment option at weddings, especially with fun props and accessories like a mustache, glasses and hat.

Organizing a wedding under the motto travel: our conclusion

When it comes to wedding themes, travel theme is definitely a fantastic choice. This wedding motto opens up endless possibilities and leaves room for your creativity and individuality. With the theme of travel as your motto, your wedding day will be a real adventure and you can go on a little trip around the world without traveling far. From the invitation card to the wedding decoration and the food - everything can be designed according to the theme.

Our favorites are the boarding cards that we designed as wedding invitations, but also the photo box with various travel accessories that we set up and also our buffet of international specialties. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to the wedding theme of travel. And your journey can be just as individual as your very own love story. So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable journey that will take you and your guests around the world.

Around the world in one day
Around the world in one day
Around the world in one day in Tuscany Germany's Morrhof

Photos: Jennifer Siegel