We will still be spoiled by pleasant summer temperatures at the weekend, but there has been a hint of autumn in the air since the end of August. As much as I love summer, I always look forward to autumn: the fresh, earthy air, pumpkins everywhere, pumpkin spice latte, autumn fashion, cozy evenings, all the great wine festivals, pretty dirndls, Halloween... and I have already mentioned the delicious pumpkin recipes :-D?

As you can see, I'm a real fall freak. When the landscape slowly turns golden, I feel good. For me, October also traditionally includes a nice autumn trip. That's why I've put together my top 10 travel destinations in October for you.

My top 10 travel destinations in October

Traveling in autumn has a number of advantages. The temperatures are mostly still very pleasant. If you want to travel to the sea, you can also look forward to a pleasant water temperature. In many countries and regions it is now the low season, so that one or the other travel bargain is in sight. Compared to the main season, in autumn holidaymakers can find beautiful places and landscapes without large crowds (depending on where you go, of course). So if you want to travel in autumn but don't know where to go yet, take a look at my top 10 travel destinations for October. But beware: Acute danger of wanderlust inevitable 😉

1. Mykonos in October - Falling prices, secluded beaches and a pelican

Mykonos in autumn shows itself from a completely different side than in summer. While the island is mostly known as a party island for the extravagant, beautiful and rich during the peak season, Mykonos reveals its true, pristine beauty in October. The island seems dressed up for hibernation. The temperatures are now between 18 and a pleasant 25 degrees. Beaches, cafés and bars that are usually overcrowded in high season can now be visited in a relaxed manner and enjoy the peace and quiet. Nevertheless, there are still some tourists, so that one does not have the feeling that one has landed on a ghost island.

There is still something going on, but at the same time you avoid the big tourist rush in the off-season. So if you don't want to be completely isolated but still want to get to know Mykonos from its most original side, you can find what you are looking for on this Greek island in October. With a bit of luck you will meet Petros, the mascot of Mykonos, in Mykonos town. You can find my detailed travel report with tips on accommodation, restaurants and sights here: Mykonos in October.

Mykonos in October
The beauty: Mykonos in autumn

2. Zakynthos in October - For those seeking tranquility, adventurers and nature lovers

Another Greek island I explored in October is Zakynthos. And now I'm sure that I was able to experience Zante, as the island is also called, in a completely different way because I traveled there in autumn. Because apart from a few remaining tourists, the island seemed deserted. Left behind by the professionals looking forward to finally returning home to the mainland and ending the season. More and more cafes, restaurants and supermarkets were closed every day. Many tours could therefore no longer be organized due to a lack of participants. I admit it: I was very disappointed at first. What may sound a bit sad at first, turned out to be a real gift. Because all the normally overcrowded places were suddenly deserted. And hardly any other island has ever enchanted me in terms of landscape as much as Zakynthos.

The wild and sometimes completely untouched nature, the abandoned cafés with the most beautiful views I have ever seen, the scent of the pine forests - simply magical. So if you are looking for peace and adventure at the same time and accept that almost all bars are closing or are already closed, you will be rewarded with an incomparable adventure. The best way to explore the Greek island on your own is with a rental car or scooter. A popular destination is the famous Navagio Bay, also known as Smugglers' Bay, where the most photographed shipwreck in the world is located. Breathtaking sunsets, endless beaches and a varied landscape await you in crystal clear bays.

My top 10 travel destinations for October
Smugglers Bay with the famous shipwreck on Zakynthos

3. Algarve in the low season - miles of beaches, flamingos & the last bratwurst before America

If you have been following my blog for a while, you might refer to my article about Oporto recall. Portugal was actually love at first sight for me! Therefore, the next trip to Portugal followed immediately after Porto. This time we went to Faro in the Algarve. However, we were there in the spring and were not so lucky with the weather. It was still quite fresh and partly stormy. On site, we made the acquaintance of other travelers who recommended autumn as the ideal travel time.

In addition, many flamingos should be seen in autumn. With a rental car we explored the area from Faro via Albufeira to Lagos to the "end of the world". Don't worry, this only means the Cabo de São Vicente near Sagres. The southwesternmost point of mainland Europe enchants with a lighthouse (which, by the way, is considered to be the brightest lighthouse in Europe) and a fantastic panoramic view. You can also find it here The last bratwurst before America.

My top 10 travel destinations for October
Cabo de Sao Vicente

4. Sardinia in October - A touch of summer in the fall

Now I come to one of my absolute favorite islands: Sardinia or the Caribbean of Europe, as the island is often called. Sardinia is perfect for escaping the uncomfortable German autumn weather. Flying to Sardinia outside of the main tourist season has a number of advantages. The beaches are now almost deserted, the accommodation is much cheaper, the many sights can be admired in peace and it is no longer as hot as during the main travel season. Ideal for relaxed walks, hikes and excursions! In my blog article The original Sardinia you will find a detailed Sardinia travel report with many insider tips: Discover Sardinia in summer.

My top 10 travel destinations for October
Insider tips on Sardinia

5. Cappadocia in Autumn - Underground Cities, Valleys and National Parks

This trip is definitely one of my personal highlights and is therefore also in my top 10 travel destinations list for October. While it can get really hot in Cappadocia in the summer months, the autumn months are ideal for exploring this unique region. When the temperatures are pleasant, you can hike wonderfully and marvel at the many sights, such as the Love Valley or the Göreme National Park. For anyone who would like to fly in a hot air balloon, I can only advise to wrap up very warmly. The flights take off in the cool morning hours. If you are interested in a trip to Cappadocia, I can give you my detailed Cappadocia Travel Guide to heart. There you will find a lot of information on how to get there, accommodation and the sights, so that your next Cappadocia vacation will be an unforgettable experience.

Cappadocia in October
Breakfast with a difference: Half past six in the morning in Cappadocia

6. Tuscany in October - Harvest time, overnight stays in small castles and grape harvest

This fall we went to Tuscany. And what can I say: I am overwhelmed! And I wonder why we haven't traveled to this beautiful region sooner. The incomparable landscape just won't let me go. Traveling through the picturesque Val D'Orcia in a rental car is really balm for the soul. Tuscany is breathtakingly beautiful, especially in autumn, when the leaves are slowly changing color and the landscape shimmers golden. But Tuscany in October is not only beautiful, it also offers a lot of relaxation at this time.

Personal tip: The Saturnia springs

While it is teeming with tourists in summer, you can experience Tuscany from its picture book side in the autumn months - without any traffic jams and hectic. Unforgettable experience: Drive to the Saturnia springs at sunrise. In autumn there is a good chance of being able to enjoy this natural phenomenon almost entirely to yourself. It is also much more pleasant to bathe in the hot springs when the temperatures are cooler. This fantastic road trip will soon have its own blog article with a travel route and lots of information about Tuscany.

Tuscany in October
Picturesque: Val D'Orcia in Tuscany

7. Japan in October - play of colors of the wind

This country definitely belongs in my top 10 travel destinations for October. Even though I was in Japan during the cherry blossom season, I did some research before my trip about the best season for a vacation in Japan. And besides spring, autumn in particular should be a great time for a trip to Japan. Since I would like to go to Japan again, I can imagine October as the ideal month for my next Japan experience. The photos that I have seen on Instagram so far definitely invite you to dream. You can find more information about my trip to Japan in my article Last minute to Japan.

Japan in autumn
kinkaku-ji , Golden Temple in Kyoto

8. Bavaria in October - More than just the Oktoberfest

I've been to Bavaria several times in October, but not once to the Oktoberfest. Why? Because I prefer to be in nature. And Bavaria has a lot to offer all year round. Especially in autumn, you can enjoy the beautiful play of colors of the trees. If you can't decide between city and nature, I can recommend the Nymphenburger Schlosspark in Munich. In addition to the stunning Nymphenburg Castle, one of the most beautiful castle parks in Germany awaits you here. In the approximately 229 hectare park you can walk all day without getting enough.

9. Moselle magic in autumn - excellent wine, breathtaking landscape and romantic towns

After my Road trip to the Moselle I'm still raving about the popular wine region. The picturesque places along the Moselle are worth at least one visit at any time of the year, but especially in autumn there is a lot of pleasure for both the eyes and the palate. The already picturesque landscape shines in the most beautiful autumn colors and numerous wine festivals attract visitors with culinary delicacies, a varied program and, of course, very good wine. If you like it romantic, you should definitely not do that fairytale Beilstein on the Moselle miss. The romantic village is also called "The Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle".

Moselle in autumn
A piece of the Moselle loop: Bremmer Calmont

10. California in October - Sweater Weather including elephant seals

And for all of you who are drawn to faraway places, I also have something: California, baby! While there is still a rainy season in Asia in October, and storms and tornadoes can arise in the Caribbean, California spoils you with the best travel time in autumn. The California trip was definitely one of the most unforgettable road trips of my life. We drove from San Francisco to LA, mostly along the beautiful coast. A blog article about this adventure will also follow. What I can tell you: The most beautiful beaches, picturesque artists' places, a sea of ​​pumpkins, delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte and unforgettable sunsets await you. Just writing about this trip makes me want to beam myself back. Ah and not to forget the many sea elephants that we encountered again and again. California in the fall? A very good idea?

Big Sur route in California

I really hope that you enjoyed my top 10 travel destinations in October and that you may have found some inspiration for your next autumn vacation.