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Once upon a time there was an unfinished castle, a moody mountain spirit and magical turnips. You don't know this fairy tale yet? It doesn't matter, I'll tell you, because in Schwangau you can just make your own fairy tale come true.

Schwangau: With a view of Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle

When fairy tale hours turn into whole fairy tale days that you wish would never end, then you are probably in one of the most magical and beautiful places in Germany: in schwangau. After all, where else can you see such a beautiful and unique castle that even served as inspiration for the Disney cartoons and logo? No wonder, then, that streams of tourists have been "pilgrimage" to the tranquil community for decades. While that is Neuschwanstein Castle not the only castle in Schwangau, even if it is the neighboring one Castle Hohenschwangau only too happy to steal the show. Schwangau is worth a visit all year round, but it becomes a special kind of spectacle in winter, when the landscape is transformed into a white winter paradise.

The romantic Wellness Hotel Rübezahl

Neuschwanstein Castle

If you are looking for the best views of both castles, you will find them in the enchanting hotel "The Rubezahl". The romantic hotel is located in Schwangau in the district of Horn. Even before my arrival, the fairytale hotel name "Das Rübezahl" made me very curious. There is also an interesting story: Rübezahl is the name of the mountain spirit in the Giant Mountains. One day he falls in love with the king's daughter Emma and then kidnaps her to his subterranean kingdom. However, the princess has a great longing for her home, so the mountain spirit gives her magic turnips, which can take any shape she wishes. However, as soon as the turnips wither, the magic disappears as well. The princess promises her hand to the mountain spirit if he can tell her how many turnips he has planted in the field especially for her. The princess only wants to deceive him with this, because while he starts counting and miscounts several times, the princess uses the opportunity to fly to her beloved prince Ratibor on a turnip that has been transformed into Pegasus and to meet the mountain spirit with the name "Rübezahl ' to mock. Since then, when his name is mentioned, the wrath of the mountain spirit is said to be felt within his realm, the Giant Mountains.

Lobby Hotel "The Ruebezahl"

After reading the story, I somehow felt sorry for the mountain spirit. After all, while he is described as moody and odd, he is also good-natured and the warmest of friends. A man with rough edges. The rock star of the fairytale world. And yet the princess decides on a rather anonymous and slippery prince. But Rübezahl is a really likeable and interesting fairy tale character. So it doesn't surprise me that the hotel bears his name. But there is another explanation for how the name Rübezahl came to be in the Allgäu: Since the parents of the hotel owner Mr. Thurm come from an area in the Giant Mountains, they decided to christen the house "Rübezahl" as a tribute to their old homeland. And the name says it all in the hotel: magical, warm and comfortable.

Room Hotel "The Rübezahl"

The rooms: Cozy and romantic atmosphere

From the first moment I felt in the hotel very well cared for and at ease. On the one hand, this is due to the dream setting with a view of both Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle, but on the other hand, it is also due to the extremely friendly, cordial and attentive staff. As soon as you enter the lobby with its cozy fireplace lounge, you feel at home as a guest. The attention to detail can be felt throughout the hotel: whether at the reception, in the room or in the restaurants. Everything is lovingly furnished and tastefully designed, which creates a very cozy and romantic atmosphere. The hotel is also extremely well maintained and clean. My room was extremely large and comfortable with a fireplace and lots of wood details. I felt like I was in a beautiful, luxurious and cozy forest cabin. I particularly liked the combination of alpine and modern elements.

video room 1

Room view on the terrace

The Wellness SPA: pure relaxation between alpine comfort and elegance

The spa area is really beautiful and is reminiscent of a Roman bath. There are several saunas, a tepidarium (40°C), a parlor sauna (80° - 90°C) and a herbal steam bath (55°C). There are enough towels and delicious teas for the perfect relaxation. Above all, the panorama sauna with a direct view of both castles simply has to be experienced. A special highlight is the heated outdoor pool and the rock whirlpool. After a swim you can make yourself comfortable in the fireplace room.

Panoramic pool with a view

Hotel Rübezahl: A romantic hotel for connoisseurs

The Hotel Rübezahl is a romantic hotel for connoisseurs, where you can unwind and really relax. From the elegant restaurant you can also enjoy a view of the Alps and the two castles. The breakfast leaves nothing to be desired: from pancakes, various omelette variations and fresh fruit to homemade jam, everything your heart desires is there! But dinner is also a real treat. The most delicious dishes are conjured up in the kitchen. Both Mediterranean and typical regional dishes are offered, all of which are very fresh and of high quality. The whole thing is rounded off with an ideal service. The service is attentive, professional and cordial. You can tell that the employees love their jobs. And this good mood is passed on to the guests.

video breakfast


On my travels I have already visited many luxurious hotels and had to realize that a family atmosphere is unfortunately not always a matter of course. In the Hotel Rübezahl, however, both luxury and Bavarian warmth are successfully combined. The hotel really pampers its guests in every respect. I used to prefer to vacation abroad. Germany was not necessarily a desirable travel destination for me. In the meantime, however, I have fundamentally changed my opinion. There are incredibly beautiful places in Germany and Schwangau is definitely one of them. I didn't want to leave at all. Because where else can you greet two castles in the morning, run into young deer on a walk and really feel like you are in a fairy tale that you can write yourself. I have also found that in a magical place like Schwangau it is impossible to get lost, because whichever way you choose, the castle is enthroned like a magical white compass, pointing the way to the most beautiful views.

Room view