Unsere Herbstwanderung zum Sankenbachsee in Baiersbronn

In the Northern Black Forest I not only found my new home, but also discovered many new idyllic Black Forest places to hike and explore. In one of my last articles, I already spoke about our hike in the Murg Valley to the Forbach goat path reported. This time we continue south, more precisely to Baiersbronn, a municipality in the district of Freudenstadt. There are many hiking trails in this region of the northern Black Forest. In terms of area, Baiersbronn is even the second largest municipality in Baden-Württemberg (directly after Stuttgart). The Sankenbachsee and the Sankenbacher waterfall near Baiersbronn are ideal destinations for a beautiful autumn hike.

Top gastronomy in Baiersbronn

The region is also known above all for the people there local top gastronomy. Baiersbronn is the only place in Germany that has two restaurants that have been awarded three Michelin stars: Die Black Forest room at the Hotel Traube Tonbach (in Tonbach) has been awarded 1992 Michelin stars since 3 under the direction of chef de cuisine Harald Wohlfahrt. And is therefore the restaurant with the longest-standing top award in Germany. Then of course there would be that Restaurant Bareiss at the Hotel Bareiss (in Mitteltal), also awarded 2007 Michelin stars and 3 points in Gault Millau (19) since 2021. And in exactly this tranquil, but highly culinary place, our little hike to the Sankenbachsee began.

Baiersbronn game reserve

Hike to the Sankenbachsee

We started our hike to the Sankenbachsee from Parking lot game reserve / Sankenbachsee (Sankenbachstraße 201, 72270 Baiersbronn) started. When we arrived at the game reserve around 13 p.m., there were still plenty of free parking spaces (which are free, by the way). You start the approx. 30-minute walk to the Sankenbachsee directly at a beautiful game reserve. Especially now in autumn the play of colors in the forest was a real dream.

A few basic facts about our hike

  • When: end of October
  • Start of the hike: 13:00 p.m
  • Distance: about 6.2 km
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Ascent 249 meters

The Sankenbachsee is one of the most impressive cirque lakes in the northern Black Forest, which was created by the melting of the glacier during the last ice age around 10.000 years ago. About 3.000 years ago, however, the lake completely drained and was only restored in a natural way in 1980/81 by the Obertal State Forestry Office in cooperation with the Freudenstadt Water Management Office. Both the Sankenbachtal and the Sankenbachsee are part of the landscape protection area side valleys of the Murg.

Petit Chapeau Hike to the Sankenbachsee
Sankenbachsee in Baiersbronn

Hike to the Sankenbach waterfall

From the Sankenbachsee from you can walk to the Sankenbach Waterfall reach. This is a two tier waterfall. The ascent is about 800 meters long and offers a very nice view of the Sankenbachsee. It took us about 20 minutes, but you should wear good shoes and have some stamina because the climb is quite steep.

Sankenbach waterfall

Once at the top there is a small (unattended) wooden hut where you can take a break. The Glasmännlehütte (address: Stöckerkopf, 72270 Baiersbronn) was originally planned as the next stop - we were there a few years ago and remembered the great cake. From the Sankenbach waterfall it is about 4 km to the Glasmannlehütte, for which you should plan at least an hour. Unfortunately, the Glasmännlehütte is closed until further notice, which is why we didn't make another stop and hiked back on the other side towards the game reserve.

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