Rauhnächte: The period from December 25th to January 6th

There is a special magic inherent in every end and beginning of a year. During this time, also known as the time “between the years”, from December 25th to January 6th, the so-called Rauhnächte instead of. According to ancient lore, these nights predict the events of the associated months. For this reason, they are also called “lot nights” (lots = predict).

It is a mystical and very special time to go inside, to manifest your goals, dreams and desires and to integrate small rituals into everyday life. In this episode you will learn:

Episode 7 on Glaubenblicke: The magic of Rauhnächte

  • The meaning of Rauhnächte
  • How you relate to the Rauhnächte can prepare
  • What rituals do you do during the Rauhnächten can apply
  • What are the central themes and questions of the respective Rauhnächte make
  • Why you can now pay close attention to your dreams
  • There is also a small review of the year and an announcement of how things are going with Glaubenblicke will continue

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I look forward to seeing you and wish you lots of fun and inspiration with this new episode.

By the way: Fresh on Petit Chapeau My detailed blog article on the subject has been published Rauhnächte including instructions for this special time.

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