Lina's culinary journey around the world: My best recipe ideas

Do you like trying the local cuisine when you travel? Would you like to bring your holiday feeling home? My constant wanderlust has not only led me to writing and photography, but also sparked my passion for recipes from all over the world. It all started back in Vietnam, when I discovered a completely new perspective on cooking and my diet. Vegetable desserts? Before my trip, I had never heard of, let alone known, that you can conjure up a delicious dessert out of vegetables.

A new universe of sensations, ideas and flavors suddenly lay before me. Every new journey inspires me to create new recipes of my own, which I would like to share with you. That's why I'll take you on a culinary journey around the world and bring the world into your kitchen. Each of my recipes is inspired by a specific country and place. Of the vegan Bali Bowl up to Matcha latte recipe.

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Pumpkin bread recipe for Christmas

Christmas is almost here again, isn't it incredible? I would like to make the end of the year particularly contemplative this time and especially, also as part of my book project, with the Rauhnächten employ. But what would the pre-Christmas season be without the smell of freshly baked treats?...

Matcha Latte Recipe: Vegan & Delicious

After I gave you a little insight into how I make my vegan matcha latte tea on Instagram, I received countless requests for the recipe. I was surprised that my vegan matcha latte lunch sparked so much enthusiasm among my followers! And because...
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