Polar express into life – Forever isn't long

KCan you still remember Christmas in your childhood? Or maybe another annual festival? How I used to look forward to it, because one year seemed like a lifetime, a galaxy of its own and the next festival couldn't take place soon enough again. But now it scares me – scared of how quickly a year goes by, the gingerbread in the supermarkets at the end of August has an overwhelming effect on me and the fact that the end of the year is already approaching makes me aware of how fleeting every situation is. The older I get, the faster time seems to go by.

Albert Einstein has already established that time is relative, but it is only through personal experience that one becomes fully aware of the seriousness of this statement.

Nevertheless, I try not to become melancholic because of this, because it is becoming increasingly clear to me how important the present is and the people who play a role in my present. No relationship, no moment and no person is taken for granted. The certainty that "forever" really doesn't last long makes me really grateful for the people in my life and the moments I can experience with them.

But that's why I'm sometimes scared when someone tells me something is forever. Words like "never" and "forever" make me realize that every time they fall, something transient happens, something that two or more people want to hold, come what may, but in the flow of time really "never “ can be held. Because every “forever” changes. Still, one likes to sway in this sweet dream, the sweet assumption, I don't want to say illusion, that something can last forever. A "forever" can indeed exist between people, albeit as a bittersweet belief in it, recallable in our memory, protected in a capsule. At the latest with a new year, I realize that "forever" is subject to many changes.

The New Year is like a train to wait for

You don't always know exactly where the journey is going, maybe you already have a fixed goal in mind, but what will happen on the journey to the goal? Instead of just waiting for it, we could look at the people around us. Our travel partners. Talk to them, laugh with them, hug them. You never know exactly who will have to get off, when and where and for what reason. How much luggage do you have with you? Can you help carry them? Do they arrive or do they say goodbye? Don't stand still, stumble, get up, brush the dirt off your shoulders. The main thing is to keep moving, make progress, stay awake and be grateful - for every additional moment. I'm not waiting anymore - I'm alive.