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My thoughts wrapped in little stories

You don't always have to travel to travel. In this category I share my thoughts and texts, sometimes in the form of short ones
stories or sometimes in poems. I want to take you into the magic of words that can take us anywhere.


defective specimens

You're funny. “What do you have for dinner in the evening?” the girl with the thick horn-rimmed glasses asks me. In my head I try to translate the dish but I can't think of a suitable translation, so I look for a description. "A soup with potatoes, vegetables and...
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My friend named Sam

The encounter I have this one old friend who I've known since early childhood. A friend that I have always been able to rely on for as long as I can remember. At some point she just appeared between colorful building blocks, forgotten homework and my stuffed animals. "Hi,...

The woman who never saw the sea 

You were always the first to wake up and wake me up. I then sent you out of my room annoyed, you laughed and I heard you clattering in the kitchen. You never prepared breakfast, you always just ate pistachios in the morning. If my father already...

The garden

I hid them for a long time after I noticed them. I looked at her in surprise and amazement. And I couldn't make sense of it. All I knew was this: She looks so vulnerable. So beautiful and wild. But it's so fragile that there's no way I...

i am not proud

I'm not proud. Today and yesterday I didn't do any workout. I feel a little mushy but above all happy, happy to do nothing for a while, nothing for others, nothing for my appearance. Happy not to have to go anywhere, happy not to be expected anywhere And...

Spring Wishlist: A glimpse of Sakura

*Advertising due to brand mention Konnichiwa! It's been a while since I published my last wishlist. This is mainly because I was traveling for most of February and March. During this time, a big dream of mine has finally come true...

A winter night's dream

*Advertising due to brand mention New year, new luck! Who else follows their good intentions? For me, they are one of the reasons why my wish list is online so late this time (actually, one of my intentions was to publish the wish list at the beginning of the year 😀 )...

That was us

Quietly and quietly, I wish to enter your harbor, to float on your sea. Quietly and quietly, I wish to penetrate into your ocean and see what lies beneath its surface, I could be your sailor, or yours Star that guides your ships. I would throw out my anchor and fall with it to your bottom in the...
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