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Bodymindshape: fitness for body & mind

In this episode on Glaubenblicke I would like to share with you a very magical interview with the wonderful Solveig from Bodymindshape. With its Bodymindshape program, Solveig offers a unique fitness concept for women that combines physical and mental training.


Seeing with the heart: Interview with Niklas Huppmann from Shades Of Love

In celebration of our 10th episode Glaubenblicke I would like to introduce you to a wonderful project. Niklas Huppmann is waiting for you in the interview. Niklas is co-founder of Shades of Love, a truly extraordinary non-profit organization from Munich. Shades of Love is a project that has set itself the task of distributing new and used sunglasses to the most remote mountain regions of the world.

personality development

The king and his 4 wives

This time awaits you Glaubenblicke a slightly different episode. I would like to share an old Tibetan story with you that touched me deeply personally. This episode also deals with a phenomenon that I have particularly noticed in social media in recent years.

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