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About the feeling of time and how we can experience it more intensively again

Recently I was at Eckhardt von Hirschhausen's stage program for the first time and there Dr. Hirschhausen said something that never let go of me.

It was about the feeling of time. The first fifteen years of our lives seem incredibly long and fulfilling to us, while the next few years thereafter fly by. At least that's how it seems to us.

Most people know that time is relative, but Hirschhausen's explanation for this helpless feeling of being at the mercy of time got me thinking. We do so many new things for the very first time in the first 15 maybe even 20 years of our lives that we find these years particularly intense, but eventually most things become routine. You do more or less the same thing every day. And then it happens: life becomes routine. So what can we do so that we can experience time more intensely again? We cannot decelerate or accelerate time, but we can use it and therein lies the secret. No matter what age, no matter what situation in life: in this way we can redesign every day and thus give our lives new experiences and insights. This thought was also my incentive to post the opportunity for a few days Morocco to travel, to perceive. At first I was a bit unsure because I would be going to Morocco all by myself. Of course, my comfort zone felt massively attacked:

"What? All alone? To a country you've never been to? You are crazy!"

But once my decision was made, all I felt was relief and happy excitement. It was good not to be trapped by inner fears and insecurities and just do what my heart thinks is right. Because it's mostly right.

Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa

So I first went to Agadir with my suitcase and tripod. The area around the north of Agadir has long since developed Fishing village of Taghazout, known as Morocco's Surf Mecca. My arrival was quite unproblematic and after a few hours I was literally in paradise. The landscape between Agadir and Imi Ouddar reminded me a lot of Spain and Portugal. I immediately noticed the many surfers on the coast. And surfers all over the world seem to be cut from the same cloth: they are incredibly likeable, relaxed and full of life. I felt exactly this attitude to life as soon as I arrived Paradis Plage Yoga & Surf Resort.

Paradise plague in Morocco
Horses on the Paradis Plage beach in Morocco

A mix of traditional and modern furnishings

Already in the entrance area I noticed the colorful but tasteful mixture of traditional and modern furnishings. Here exquisite Moroccan wooden furniture meets the beautiful lifestyle of the surf culture. I felt instantly at ease. Provided with a delicious Moroccan tea, I looked at the turquoise waters of the pool and the sea. When I saw this view, I knew I had arrived at a very special place. Although I was still waiting for my room, I was kindly offered a temporary room. Rooms aren't exactly accurate though, it was actually a spacious ocean view suite. After I had put on some more summery clothes, I looked at the hotel complex of the Paradis Plage Resort. The complex has a pleasant and manageable size.

There are no long distances to walk and everything is harmoniously connected. Above all, you are reconnected with nature here. The ocean and the life around it are omnipresent. This fact alone makes everyday life in this place an experience. Be it the modern Chiringuito Bar right on the beach, where surfboards are used as tables and musicians play guitar, or the magnificent glass-enclosed Yoga Pavilion with a direct view of the sea. Despite the modernity, you will also find traditional craftsmanship and originality here. The entire facility is also extremely well-kept and clean.

As soon as I arrived, I experienced my first adventure when I discovered several horses on the beach. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love animals and am always fascinated by them. And I'm so thankful that our balcony at home has a direct view of fields and horses. Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the horses up close in Morocco.

Up Close: Aren't They Cute?

The young man who was taking the horses out wanted to sell me a ride on the horse as a matter of course. I was skeptical but he was stubborn and so I was just allowed to try it out on the horse. My brief adventure almost backfired when the horse shook wildly from the flies. And that's when I realized that what I was doing was a bit reckless, but then again, I just had faith that everything was going to be okay. However, I was unsure whether I should risk a longer ride. That's why I reconsidered. Of course, the young man wanted to sell me some prices at first, but he was quick to lower them. Nevertheless, I didn't dislike him at all, because although life is obviously not easy for him, he lovingly takes care of his horses - as best he can.

Shortly thereafter I met the next animals on the beach. A few dromedaries marched towards me. What is probably considered commonplace on this beach had a surreal effect on me. I thought it was nice to be so close to the animals by the sea. As in a dream. And even though the time had flown by, I felt like I had been in this place much longer. In the meantime I was able to move into my actual room, which was also a suite. The suite had a spacious living and dining area with a kitchen, two balconies with direct beautiful views of the shimmering ocean and a large bedroom. All rooms are flooded with light, spacious, comfortable and very elegantly furnished.

Room tour through my room at Paradis Plage in Morocco (part 1)
Room tour through my room at Paradis Plage in Morocco (part 2)

Relaxing in the beautiful Zen Garden & sunset at the Beach Bar

I spent the rest of the day exploring again and relaxing in the beautiful Zen Garden, where I was greeted by a Buddha statue. Later I watched the sunset at the Beach Bar and relaxed by the campfire. I ate my dinner in the buffet restaurant, where I was able to try traditional tagine dishes for the first time. After a friend raved about it, I always wanted to taste it. All of the food was fresh, organic and delicious. The service was very professional, courteous and friendly. Individual dishes were explained to me. I was particularly impressed by the homemade traditional chocolates. The exotic blend of oriental spices and rose petals was phenomenal.

Sunset Paradis Plage Resort Morocco

Surf lesson at Paradis Plage: that new feeling

Can you still remember the feelings you felt for the first time? They take you by surprise, challenge us and sometimes scare us. That's how I felt before my first surf lesson. I didn't know exactly what new experiences awaited me. That feeling made me nervous, but it was also terribly exciting. That's why I wanted to try it. And literally just jump in at the deep end. Feeling the speed of a wave for the first time was both terrifying and amazing. With each new wave I felt my body getting used to the rhythm and speed of the waves. Until he relaxed more and more and I slowly built trust in them. This was also due to the experienced surf instructors, who taught me the most important basics of surfing step by step. A few bruises and a big grin later, I was just glad I finally tried it. Although it was quite exhausting, I had so much fun and was happy to have an experience richer.

SPA at Paradis Plage: Traditional hammam and a full body massage

Of course, it wasn't just this experience. The next day, the next surprise awaited me at the spa. As the sky was unfortunately a bit cloudy that day, it was the ideal time to have a good time in the spa. I was signed up for a traditional hammam and full body massage. At first I didn't know what to expect in the hammam. First I was allowed to relax in the steam bath, after which I was rubbed with a fragrant eucalyptus soap. Later came a scrub where the old dead skin was removed. Then I was creamed from neck to toe with a soothing mixture of healing clay. In this way, the skin is supplied with plenty of moisture and wonderfully cared for. So there I lay, helpless as a seal. At first I thought that after the procedure all the tan from the skin would go away as well. On the contrary, my skin felt like silk, took on an even, beautiful complexion and was very soft. It is advisable not to go out in the sun for a day or two immediately after the treatment. But afterwards the skin takes on a fantastically even, golden tan. After my spa experience, while taking a walk, I discovered something strange in the ocean waves. At first I thought what kind of weird fish that was, until I realized that it was actually a spotted dog on the surfboard. I couldn't believe my eyes! I've seen dogs surfing on TV before, but never live! Of course I wanted to get to the bottom of the matter right away and quickly found out that the hotel manager actually goes surfing with his dog every day. Simply magical!

Ready for the film: surfing with a dog

A place for the senses: yoga with a view of the sea

Yoga at Paradis Plage Resort

This is how you can truly describe the Paradis Plage Resort. Whether for sports lovers, families, single travelers or couples: Everyone is in good hands here, because as a guest you can easily choose whether you want to relax, feast, do yoga or surf. And you learn to really enjoy every moment. Maybe it's the special light that surrounds this place or maybe it's the amazing team and the surfing dog (I mean how cool is that please?). The Paradis Plage combines pure relaxation with enterprise. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. I really like that. Nevertheless, the focus is on quality and sophistication. You will discover the attention to detail throughout the facility. But also in the individual courses. My personal highlight was the yoga class overlooking the ocean. Yoga takes place three times a day at the resort. When it comes to the timetable, you can choose whether you want to go to yoga in the morning, during the day or in the evening. I attended the Sunset Yoga class and it was just amazing to do yoga while the sun was slowly setting and the dromedaries were walking by the beach in the background. A big thank you goes to my yoga teacher Karsten, who made the lesson creative and instructive. He is a very experienced and inspiring yoga teacher who I can heartily recommend. A few days in this resort felt like weeks, but in a positive way, because I experienced so much in a very short time and took it with me personally. My time at Paradis Plage was filled with new experiences and beautiful encounters with wonderful people.

I will never forget the incredible hospitality and helpfulness. My stay proves to me that just a few days off can trigger intense feelings of happiness. It's always worth trying out new ways, looking behind the corners and being curious. Every day anew.

pool area
First surf lesson
Chiringuito Bar & Surf House
Zen Garden
Pure nature on the Atlantic Ocean
And action 🙂
Dromedary caravan
Room and balcony with a view