Moselle holiday in the holiday region of Cochem

There are places in Germany that I just like to travel to again and again. Last summer we explored the picturesque Moselle region on a small road trip. Due to time constraints, we didn't make it to Cochem and Beilstein back then, but we wanted to make up for the excursions this time. What particularly fascinates me about the Moselle locations is the incomparable holiday atmosphere.

Historic towns, romantic palaces and castles, well-known wineries and numerous colorful half-timbered houses that line up like pearls along the river landscape: A holiday on the Moselle is not only beautiful, but also diverse. This time our exploration tour went to the holiday region of Cochem.

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Holiday on the Moselle

The Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle: Welcome to Beilstein

One of the best-known and most romantic places on the Moselle has just 140 residents. The enchanting town of Beilstein is a well-known destination and is now even a popular holiday destination for international guests. Beilstein owes its great fame primarily to its medieval townscape, which has remained almost untouched for centuries. The reasons for this can be found in the history of the winegrowers and farmers of Beilstein, who often lived in poverty up until the 20th century. Under these simple conditions, no major structural changes could be made. Today we say: Fortunately, not much has changed here! Because it is the historic half-timbered houses and historic properties that make up the unique, fairytale charm of Beilstein.

Holiday on the Moselle

Beilstein: The little town like out of a fairy tale book

And indeed, I have hardly ever seen a more fairytale-like town. As soon as we walked through the narrow alleyways and corners of Beilstein, we quickly realized why Beilstein is also called "The Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle". The town is not as sleepy as Sleeping Beauty when the weather is good, but at the latest when you stroll through the old town, you might think that Beilstein is an illustration from an old book of fairy tales brought to life.

The most beautiful sights & photo spots in Beilstein

Metternich Castle - Romantic castle ruins with a fantastic panoramic view

Numerous castles and castle ruins are lined up in the landscape along the Moselle. An enchanting castle ruin towers above Beilstein. Just a short climb from Beilstein's old town is the beautiful little Metternich Castle. Even the way to the castle is like a walk into centuries long past. The landscape in September was already kissed by autumn, but spoiled us with warm, pleasant temperatures. When we arrived at the top, we immediately noticed how quiet it was on the castle grounds. Compared to the castles in Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues, Metternich Castle almost seems like an insider tip. From the castle grounds you can enjoy a fantastic view of the vineyards and the Moselle. It's worth it here moderate entrance fee of €2,50 definitely. If you have enough time, you can go hiking from the castle along the Moselle.

Opening times: daily from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m (last entry at 17:30 p.m.)

entrance fees
Adult2,50 €
Children (from 7 years)1, - €
pensioners and students2, - €
Entrance fees to Metternich Castle in Beilstein
Holiday on the Moselle
Metternich Castle in Beilstein

Winzerschenke Beilstein

Probably the most famous and popular photo motif in Beilstein is at the Winzerschenke next to the monastery stairs. There are many almost fantastic photos circulating on Instagram of this cozy spot on the monastery steps, as if Beilstein were a fairytale attraction in Disneyland. To be too good to be true? Now that I've been there, I can assure you: Yes, this “photo spot” is really at least as beautiful as in the pictures!

You have to have a bit of patience if you don't want to have other people in the photos, but the wait is worth it! After walking halfway up the stairs, we immediately noticed a romantic, winding café called Klapperburg. Here you can find super delicious, homemade cakes and a terrace with a wonderful view of what is probably the most magical corner of Beilstein.

Cochem – Holidays on the Moselle

Historical town on the Moselle

Cochem, with its medieval town center, many winding streets, colorful half-timbered houses and the lively Moselle promenade, is a really charming town and, despite the many tourists, is definitely worth a visit. In particular, the Reichsburg, which sits majestically on a hill, is still an exciting destination for young and old. The city has already experienced many generations of different tourist flows with ups and downs. One or the other corner may also seem a bit old-fashioned, but in particular this rustic cosiness of bygone days makes up a large part of the charm of Cochem. In this article you will find my tips for sights, vantage points, bike tours and excursions around Cochem.

Holiday on the Moselle

Sights in Cochem

Reichsburg Cochem – The symbol of the city

The Reichsburg can be seen very well from afar and arouses curiosity about what is behind its walls, which are not that old. Official sources confirm the construction of the castle in the 12th century, although it was already mentioned in the 11th century and therefore probably already existed around 1100. Like numerous other castles and palaces, the Reichsburg also met a tragic fate in the 17th century: in 1689 it was largely destroyed by French troops. Between 1874 and 1877, merchant Louis Fréderic Jacques Ravené rebuilt and redesigned the castle according to his ideas. The system is now in public hands and was bought by the city of Cochem in 1978 for DM 664.000. A real bargain, right?

Holiday on the Moselle
Imperial castle in Cochem

Castle tour in the Reichsburg from Cochem

The Reichsburg can be reached via an easy climb. Several paths lead to the castle complex, all of which are very well signposted. The most beautiful route is via the “Tummelchen” (Isn’t this street name incredibly cute?), an old burial mound with its “sugar tower”, which once served to guard the city limits and still stands today on the remains of the historic city wall. The path to the castle itself offers overwhelming views.

The Reichsburg is definitely one of the most beautiful castles I have ever visited. The extensive castle complex invites you to take a relaxing stroll and offers wonderful photo opportunities. You can let your gaze wander over the Moselle from several vantage points. If you want to learn more about the history of the castle and the Ravené family, you can take part in a guided tour of the castle. In the meantime, I have taken part in many castle tours and have often been disappointed by the sometimes hasty or listless tours. However, I was very positively surprised by the castle tour in Cochem. As a visitor, you can find out a lot of historical background and interesting details and marvel at the unique chambers. For example, do you see the rugs on the table in this picture? This type of table decoration used to be a sign of prosperity and wealth.

Opening times: daily from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m

PricescourtyardsCourtyards with castle tour
Adult3,50 €7, - €
ChildrenUp to 17 years free3,50 €
Entrance fees for the Reichsburg in Cochem

Cochem old town – the heart of Cochem

The heart of Cochem is the colourful, bustling old town. As soon as you walk through the historic city gates, you can already see the numerous, well-preserved remains of the old city walls with their fortifications. Cochem's old town, with its winding streets and well thought-out views of the gates and St. Martin's Church, is an architectural experience. In particular, the lovingly restored half-timbered gables adorn the cityscape and invite you to take a little journey back in time to the Middle Ages. In the center of the old town is the lively market square and the city hall. There are numerous cafés, bars and restaurants around the Martinsbrunnen. On weekends, however, it can be difficult to get a table here.  

Holiday Cochem Moselle
Market place Cochem

Capuchin monastery in Cochem

You can enjoy a fantastic view over the roofs of the old town from the Klosterberg. The Capuchin monastery, built around 1630, is also located here. Several stone steps lead up from the old town to the monastery and the former battlements. The Capuchin monastery is now a modern cultural center where regular theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions take place.

Cafes and restaurants in Cochem

It is said that in the Moselle metropolis of Cochem there are as many bars as there are days in the year. In fact, there is a considerable number of restaurants, but in my opinion the culinary offer still has a lot of room for improvement. Most of the cafés and restaurants often look appealing, but they are often overpriced and some places even turn out to be tourist traps. Which I personally think is a pity, because the numerous fast food options don't go with the historic, romantic ambience of the city.

Nevertheless, there are many rest stops in Cochem with invitingly designed terraces and a fabulous view of the Moselle. For a relaxed coffee break with cake or a little wine you will definitely find a nice place to linger. On the first evening we had a very good meal "out of town" at the family-run winery Henerichs, where our guest room was also located.

Good home cooking in a cozy atmosphere

The restaurant “Zum Stüffje” is a quaint and rustic address. A little away from the main street, fresh, regional food with a very good selection of wines is offered here at a fair price-performance ratio. The old German wine bar in the cute half-timbered walls has been around since 1642.

Gray shell, red core: The red Moselle vineyard peach

The tart-sweet vineyard peaches, which are considered a delicacy in and around Cochem, are very tasty. Whether in the so-called Mosel Kir, in chutney or as a dessert variation: the red Mosel vineyard peach has meanwhile made a name for itself in the region.

Photo tip: Walk on the Moselle promenade Cochem Cond

A particularly beautiful view of the Reichsburg and the colorful half-timbered gables can be enjoyed from the Moselle promenade in the Cond district. The Skagerrak Bridge leads from the old town to the opposite side of the Moselle. This waterfront promenade is a little quieter and is great for a stroll. As soon as you cross the bridge, there are many enchanting photo opportunities. The Moselle promenade Cond is worth seeing at any time of the day, but especially at sunset, you can take beautiful photos of the Reichsburg and the half-timbered houses.

Holiday on the Moselle
View from the Skagerrak Bridge

Holiday on the Moselle: Enchanting wine villages & idyllic river landscape

This year we wanted to do another bike tour along the Moselle. Fortunately, we were once again greeted with the best weather and could hardly wait to feel the wind in our ears again. But the bikes first had to go to the bike rental shop Cycling Schrauth be picked up in Cochem. We were quickly equipped with our rental bikes and first explored the city before we went from Cochem to Senhals. Our tour took us along the idyllic Moselle landscape with its enchanting wine villages via Mesenich to the double town of Senheim-Senhals.

Senheim-Senhals is a well-known artists' village with several artists' studios and a campsite with a small marina and shipping pier. Refreshments can be found in the numerous cozy wine taverns.
The way back from our bike tour took us back to Cochem on the other side of the Moselle via Beilstein.

Our bike tour along the Moselle - from Cochem to Senheim-Senhals

Moselle municipality of Pomerania - One of the oldest wine villages on the Moselle

Pomerania is a romantic wine town on the longest southern slope of the Moselle and is one of the oldest wine villages in the Moselle region. Even the Romans cultivated viticulture and tropical fruits here. It was also the Romans who baptized the village "Pomaria - The Orchard". Even today, Pomerania is characterized by viticulture. Due to the quiet location, away from the hustle and bustle, a stay in Pomerania is particularly relaxing.

The small village is an ideal starting point for a holiday on the Moselle, to explore Cochem, Beilstein and other Moselle towns, but at the same time to find a lot of peace and quiet in nature. Burg Eltz is only about 20 minutes by car from Pomerania. The attractive location directly on the Moselle invites you to go cycling, walking and hiking. Refreshments can be found at the numerous winegrowers and in the sweet Schneider's Patisserie.

Holidays on the Moselle - Pomerania

Our accommodation – Henerichs winery in Pomerania

Relaxation away from mass tourism

We stayed in the charming Henerichs Winery in Pomerania. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that my heart beats for unique accommodations with character and history. We felt right at home in this small guest house. The rooms are cosy, modernly furnished and either have a balcony on the Moselle side or a view of the picturesque vineyards. In the evening it is wonderful to sit on the spacious terrace and enjoy the delicious home-made food. View of the Moselle is included! Incidentally, the wines here are a true poem. No wonder that we even found a Moselle wine recommended on the wine list in the Maldives.

Ideal location for a holiday on the Moselle

The winery is run by the attentive and friendly winemaker family Henerichs. Outstanding wines have a long tradition in this house, as the family has been growing wine in Pomerania since 1695. It's not just the delicious wines, but also the hospitality and warmth of the Henerichs family that make your stay so beautiful and pleasant. The quiet and at the same time practical location is ideal. It is only 10 minutes by car to Cochem and Beilstein is also very easy to reach in 20 minutes by car. There is also a train station in Pomerania with regular train connections in the direction of Cochem, Koblenz and Trier.

Henerichs Winery
Holiday on the Moselle
Winery Henerichs in Pomerania

Excursion destinations from Pomerania & Cochem

Holiday on the Moselle: If you are traveling in the Moselle region and want to explore the enchanting communities around Pomerania & Cochem, I can recommend the following destinations:

Moselle loop near Bremm – Natural wonders with curves

At Bremm, the Moselle winds in a 180 degree curve around the beautiful monastery ruins of Stuben. Incidentally, the Calmont is the steepest vineyard on the Moselle. There are many vantage points and some of them can be easily reached by car almost up to the summit cross. You can find more information about this in our big travel report.

Castle Eltz in the Eltztal

One of the most beautiful and well-known castles in Germany is also located in the Moselle region: Eltz Castle in the idyllic Eltz Valley is a real treasure, surrounded by beautiful nature. You can reach the castle from Pomerania in just 20 minutes by car. From Cochem it is about 30 minutes.

The most beautiful wine towns and wine villages

In addition to the already mentioned Beilstein and Cochem, other wine towns worth seeing are also Traben-Trarbach and Bernkastel-Kues. You can read our detailed travel report about these fairytale towns and their sights here read.

Koblenz: Where the Moselle kisses the Rhine

At the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, the largest city on the Moselle, the Rhine and the Moselle flow into one another. With one of the largest fortifications in Europe and its historic old town, the city of Koblenz is an idyllic and at the same time exciting destination.

Holiday on the Moselle

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