Short break in the Eifel: Tips & the most beautiful sights

Holidays in the Eifel – A trip to the Vulkaneifel has long been on my list of excursions to do in Germany. Picturesque lakes, extinct volcanoes, medieval castles and dense forests: That's how I imagined the Vulkaneifel region and I have to say: It's even more beautiful! Even if the weather gods were not in a particularly good mood on our Eifel tour, I am still very enthusiastic about the wild and romantic landscape, the warm-hearted people and a special monastery that fascinates even in rainy weather. With the e-bike, things went quite quickly and I was very grateful for the drive, especially on the ascents. In this article you will find out which insider tips in Gerolsteiner Land and Bitburg are waiting to be discovered.

Holiday in the Eifel

Eifel Holiday in Gerolstein

The first stop on our e-bike tour is Gerolstein. Our accommodation is also located there; the cozy Hotel Löwenstein. Gerolstein is best known for its mineral springs. The naturally carbonated Gerolsteiner water is exported worldwide and Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG is even the largest mineral water exporter in Germany. In Gerolstein we are not only literally at the source, we can also taste the Gerolsteiner spring directly.

There are some exciting sights and insider tips to discover around the climatic health resort. However, the Eifel was also occasionally affected by flooding this summer. This also applies to Gerolstein, where parts of the station were still under water in July. However, the city has recovered from the flood and most tourist destinations in the region have been spared or have been cleaned up and reopened. Therefore, holidays in the Rhineland-Palatinate part of the Eifel are not only possible again almost without restrictions, but above all very helpful for the region.

Sights in Gerolstein

Gerolstein and the surrounding area is ideal for slowing down. Nevertheless, there is a lot to discover in and around Gerolstein. The region is particularly exciting for history fans and nature lovers.

Church of the Redeemer in Gerolstein

Equipped with our e-bikes, we set off to our first stop at what is probably the most beautiful evangelical church in Germany. In any case, the Church of the Redeemer is one of the most impressive evangelical churches I have ever seen. But what makes this church so special? There are 24 million (!) mosaic stones that, depending on the incidence of light, make the interior of the church glow spectacularly. In the church I get an idea of ​​what the profession of mosaicist must have been like at the time. Because the imposing building was built in the very short period between 1907 and 1913 by the Berlin architect Franz Schwechten in neo-Romanesque style. The mosaicists certainly didn't have much time to rest.

Holiday in the Eifel
Church of the Redeemer in Gerolstein
Holiday in the Eifel

Eagle and Wolf Park Kasselburg

Lush green meadows, goats, runner ducks and a mystical castle: If I didn't know that I was in Germany, I could easily think I'd landed in Ireland. We are still in the Vulkaneifel, in the Eagle and Wolf Park in Kasselburg. The well-kept park against the backdrop of the mystical Kasselburg castle ruins offers plenty of space to discover and explore.

Holiday in the Eifel
Eagle and Wolf Park Kasselburg

Learned something again: As the birds demonstrate their flight maneuvers, I learn how different hawks and eagles approach the hunt. Hawks are so-called bite slayers, while eagles are handle slayers.

Mystically beautiful – up close with the wolves

"There's a better spot from which you can watch the wolves," someone suddenly calls out to us. I don't even notice what's happening to me when I suddenly meet the black timber wolves up close. Well, a low electric fence still separates us. But still my heart is beating to face a whole pack of wolves. The wolves seem a little restless, excited, because they know what's coming up: feeding! But don't worry, of course we won't be fed. Just got lucky! Ok just kidding, because in truth the wolves are very shy towards humans and try to avoid us if possible.

Im Eagle and Wolf Park Kasselburg the wolves live in a large fenced-in forest and can move freely in their game enclosure, almost like in a "normal forest". In the morning the white arctic wolves are fed and in the afternoon the dark timber wolves, which originally come from North America. The wolf feeding is definitely an exciting event for young and old. And I have to say that the wolves are not only photogenic, but also don't lose their mystical, beautiful charisma up close.

Wolves in the Eifel

Löwenburg Ruins - Medieval castle with a wonderful panoramic view

Admittedly, not much is left of the Löwenburg ruins, but the trip here is worth it just for the beautiful view of Gerolstein and part of the Gerolstein Dolomites, which are magically illuminated in the evening. And if you take a closer look, you will also discover a wonderful natural and animal world.

Bertradaburg - Stay and vacation in a real castle

A castle of which much more exists is the pretty Bertrada Castle. Tradition has it that the mother of Charlemagne lived in the castle. The Bertradaburg probably once served to protect the Roman road Trier-Cologne, but today there are holiday apartments in the castle. So if you've always wanted to spend the night in a castle, you have the opportunity to vacation in the Bertrada Castle to spend. The castle is idyllically situated in the countryside and offers a fantastic view of Mürlenbach.

Bertrada Castle
Bertrada Castle

Our accommodation in Gerolstein – The Hotel Löwenstein

My eyes wander to the corner of the room. What is that? A spider? I slowly approach the object until I recognize what it is. "Oh, how beautiful!" It is a butterfly. He probably has the pretty one for the winter Hotel Loewenstein selected and, in my opinion, proves good taste. And it's not the only butterfly I encounter here. A few more fly by on the balcony and flutter around me as if to say hello until they fly away again into the sunset.

Hotel Loewenstein
View from the room in the Hotel Löwenstein

Similar to the butterfly, as a guest I not only feel immediately welcome, but also very comfortable. On the one hand, this is due to the warm welcome and, on the other hand, to the extremely cozy rooms with a spacious balcony and a fabulous view of Gerolstein. The rooms are spacious and lovingly furnished. I find the little alarm clock on the night console particularly cute. The entire hotel is well maintained, clean and offers a welcoming ambience. And on uncomfortable rainy days, you can relax in the sauna area, with three different saunas and a steam bath.

Restaurant & refreshments in Gerolstein

The Löwenstein Hotel also has an excellent restaurant. I opted for a vegetarian menu and can honestly say that I have rarely eaten so well in Germany. The wild garlic soup is a dream and I would love to cook the main course, homemade pancakes filled with potatoes and vegetables with a salad bouquet, at home. In the morning there is a rich breakfast in the hotel with a large selection of rolls, muesli, cheese and much more

If you prefer Italian, you can find delicious pasta and pizza in the Pizzeria Costa Verde eat.

Restaurant in the Hotel Löwenstein
Vegetarian main course made from homemade, filled pancakes with a fresh salad bouquet

Bitburg & Bitburger Land Sights

Bitburg should be known to most as a beer metropolis. The famous Bitburger brewery is located in the center of the city. Around Bitburg, in the heart of the southern Eifel, there is also an incredibly beautiful landscape and nature waiting to be experienced. Picturesque river valleys, light-flooded forests and rolling hills make nature hearts like mine beat faster. When the temperatures are warm, not only does a Bitburg Pils offer the longed-for cooling off, but also the Bitburg reservoir. The area can be explored very well by bicycle. The region is characterized by the bizarre rock formations made of sandstone and slate, the many idyllic fields and meadows, but also the lush green, enchanted valleys.

Bitburg adventure world
Bitburg world of experience

City Country River Bike Tour

The next day we go on ours with the e-bikes City-Country-River Tour. This circular tour leads from the "beer town" of Bitburg to the district of Bitburg Masholder and on to the Nims Cycle Path to Niederstedem/Oberstedem. This route takes you through town and country and also drives along the Nims for a while. We drive through picturesque Eifeld villages and dirt roads in the midst of agricultural nature.

Eifel landscape

Around noon, we stop for a short break at the Artifact distillery in Messerich. The cordial Wirtz family produces fruit brandies from regional wild fruits. From time to time festivals can also be celebrated here, says Mrs. Wirtz. The cozy property offers a wonderful view of the meadow orchards.

Artifact Distillery
Holiday in the Eifel

Sights on the City-Country-River Tour

  • Villa Otrang
  • Rittersdorf Castle
  • Romantic Eifel villages

Other cycle paths in the southern Eifel - a selection

Holidays in the Eifel on four wheels are fun and keep you fit. Away from the noisy traffic, there are wonderful cycle paths in the southern Eifel. Along the river valleys and former railway lines, you can explore wonderful nature, historical sights and tranquil Eifeld villages.

Südeifel Runde: Between hop fields and picturesque Eifel villages

If you are looking for a slightly more demanding bike route, you should take the varied one South Eifel round

This bike tour leads over the Prüm and Nimradsweg, past the 700-year-old moated castle of Rittersdorf to the Bitburg reservoir in Biersdorf am See.

Sights of the Südeifel Runde

  • Bitburg reservoir
  • Rittersdorf Castle
  • hop fields

Kylltal tour – waterfalls & pure nature

Several waterfalls await you on this tour. A special highlight is the enchanted Mariengrotte Albachtal. There is a small spring of water in the grotto, which visitors use as holy water.

Sights of the Kylltal Tour

  • Mariengrotte Albach
  • Waterfall Huttingen/Kyll
  • Parish Church of the Assumption, Auw/ Kyll

The Kylltal and the clay pits

If you not only want to explore the Kylltal, but also a nature reserve, you can get on your bike on this tour. In the Heimat Museum Speicher, visitors embark on a journey through time. Old household appliances, tools and workshops for various trades and even an old village school give an insight into everyday life long before our time.

Sights of the Kylltal Tour Tongruben Tour

  • Mariengrotte Albach
  • Tongruben nature reserve
  • Local history museum in Speicher
  • Waterfall Huttingen/Kyll
  • Parish Church of the Assumption, Auw/ Kyll

You can find up-to-date information on cycle paths here here

Roman Villa Otrang in Fliessem

The Romans even left their mark in the southern Eifel. To be more precise, in the Eifel district of Bitburg-Prüm in Rhineland-Palatinate. The ancient Villa Otrang is located here. The so-called Villa Rustica is only about 30 minutes by car from Trier and is one of the best-preserved villa complexes north of the Alps. The complex was once a huge country estate with a lavishly furnished manor house, bathing complex and its own temple district. The villa already had a heating system in the 2nd century. The precious mosaic floors, some of which are still very well preserved, are particularly fascinating today.

Holiday in the Eifel
Holiday in the Eifel
Holiday in the Eifel
Holiday in the Eifel

We immediately took a short lunch break on the grounds of Villa Otrang. We were fed by Thomas Herrig & his team. being Gasthaus Herrig is located in the small rustic farming village of Meckel. The restaurant with creative cuisine in the hotel of the same name is very popular in the region, so it is advisable to reserve in good time.

Beer tasting in the Simonbräu - beer is not just beer

We have our well-deserved dinner after the almost 40-kilometer bike tour To the Simonbräu a. The cozy hotel & restaurant offers good home cooking in a nice atmosphere. The highlight is the subsequent beer tasting with the hop farmer and beer sommelier Andreas Dick. I have to admit that I'm really not a beer fan. But I find it exciting to be part of a beer tasting because I've never dealt with the taste of beer before. Just the fact that the beers are presented in wine glasses instead of the typical beer glasses has an effect. I also find it interesting how well the different odors come into their own. I was previously of the opinion that every beer smelled about the same. Of course that's not true and I find many flavors pleasant. The beer tasting is definitely a successful conclusion before we leave Bitburg and set off on our last stage of the journey the next day.

Holiday in the Eifel
Holiday in the Eifel

Sequel follows…

The next article in the Eifel series will be about my personal highlight of the trip. We visit the fascinating Maria Laach monastery on the volcanic lake Laacher See and get an exclusive insight into one of the most beautiful libraries in Germany. I'll also share an unusual overnight stay with you 😊 Have you ever vacationed in the Eifel? If so, please let me know in the comments. You can get more Germany travel tips here.

See you soon, your Lina.

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