Hiking & nature vacation

Hiking & nature vacation

As a country and village child, I have always developed a very special connection to nature and agriculture. Life in the city would therefore make no sense for me in the long term. How happy I am when I look into the deserted distance, observe the cloud formations at the sea or enjoy the view from the mountain peak, I have only really realized in recent years. When I travel, I also love discovering nature, going hiking and learning about local agriculture. For me, hiking, walking and cycling are all part of traveling and going on vacation. An outdoor and hiking holiday decelerates, lets us experience the world even more mindfully and reminds us that we are all connected. It doesn't always have to be exciting long-distance travel destinations either, because there are also incredibly beautiful places to discover in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that not everyone has on their radar screens. Like for example Active holiday with goats in the Black Forest, Wine Hikes on the Moselle, alpine Hikes in the Zillertal or a town-country river Bike tour in the Eifel

Olpererhütte Zillertal

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Sankenbachsee & Sankenbacher Waterfall near Baiersbronn

Unsere Herbstwanderung zum Sankenbachsee in Baiersbronn Im Nordschwarzwald habe ich nicht nur mein neues Zuhause gefunden, sondern auch ganz viele neue idyllische Schwarzwaldorte zum wandern und erkunden entdeckt. In einem meiner letzten Artikel habe ich bereits von unserer Wanderung im Murgtal zum Forbacher Ziegenpfad berichtet….


Holidays on the Moselle - A weekend in Cochem, Beilstein and Pomerania

There are places in Germany that I just like to travel to again and again. Last summer we explored the picturesque Moselle region on a small road trip. Due to time constraints, we didn't make it to Cochem and Beilstein back then, but we wanted to make up for the excursions this time. What particularly fascinates me about the Moselle region is the incomparable holiday atmosphere. Historic towns, romantic palaces and castles, well-known wineries and numerous colorful half-timbered houses that line the river landscape like pearls: A holiday on the Moselle is not only beautiful, but also diverse. This time our exploration tour went to the holiday region of Cochem.


The goat trail in Forbach: Hiking in the Black Forest

Hiking in the Black Forest: It's not always the exotic countries that can enchant you. If Corona has taught us anything, it is that it is definitely worth exploring your own environment. We live in Baden-Württemberg, just a stone's throw away from the mystically beautiful Black Forest. Hardly any other mountain region in Germany is as diverse and at the same time as mysterious as the Black Forest. This article is about a hike in the wild and romantic Murg Valley. To be more precise, to Bermersbach, a district of the idyllically beautiful municipality of Forbach.


Our trip to Slovenia: Slovenia road trip in summer

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows that I always associate a certain novel with many countries. Same with Slovenia. Ever since I read “Veronika Decides to Die” by Paolo Coelho, I've always wanted to travel to Slovenia.


Vacation in Germany: My top 8 regions for your vacation in Germany

Since vacationing in Germany will probably be the most popular travel option this year, I would like to present my top 8 places and regions in Germany that have enchanted me personally. I have a colorful mix of nature and city holidays for you. Be it idyllic cycling and hiking trails, sweet half-timbered houses, breathtaking waterfalls, wonderful bathing lakes or car-free islands like from a dream world.


Zillertal: A weekend in beautiful Tyrol

On one of the warmest and most beautiful weekends this fall, we decided to take a short trip to the magical Zillertal. I love traveling to Austria. Vienna already enchanted me last year. The goal of our trip was a hike to the popular Olpererhütte.


From Bernkastel-Kues to Calmont: Our Moselle road trip in June

The area around the Moselle is known for its excellent wines and an impressive landscape. In the midst of this breathtaking natural scenery, we made a 3-day round trip to the Moselle in June. Within seconds I felt like I was on vacation there. You can find out everything I experienced on the Moselle here!


Tenerife in December: 5 things that will enchant you in Tenerife

Happened again: I flew to an island that never really interested me. Why? On the one hand, because I wanted to escape the winter weather in Germany. Who has anything to complain about when it comes to the beach, sun and sea? And on the other hand, because I heard so many good things about Tenerife from a friend that I just wanted to experience it myself. At first I didn't expect much more than a colorful beach life on Tenerife.

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