Guided Meditation - My gift to you

In this episode I want to thank you. Thank you for being there and waking me up Glaubenblicke accompanies. Thank you for recognizing and perceiving so much. My wish is to reach as many people as possible and to encourage them to follow their heart's path, both professionally and privately. With Glaubenblicke I would like to introduce you to alternative ways of life and what miracles happen in us when we open ourselves to our own intuition by becoming aware that the voice of the heart is much more than just a gut feeling. It is your inner compass and even the most important one in your life. I would like to give you something today that gives me so much courage, strength and trust again and again. Especially during times when I'm being challenged, I've found a way to feel reconnected. My gift to you today is a guided meditation & dream journey, which I have been using regularly for years. 

Morning meditation or evening meditation - you decide

“In stillness lies strength” is now not just a saying for me, but a way of life. Because we need rest in order to gain clarity about our own thoughts and to live more consciously. So I meditate regularly. This short meditation can help you both to fall asleep and to start the day full of energy. So you can use it both in the morning and in the evening.

This mediation can help you with that

  • to reconnect with your heart
  • to feel a deep connection with nature, the earth and the universe
  • to come into your power
  • to completely relax & calm you down

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I wish you a lot of relaxation, connectedness and joy with this meditation. If you liked this meditation, then you are welcome to mine Lighthouse Meditation listen to.

Believe & look ahead

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