Until recently, I didn't give much thought to what it meant to fly or generally travel with a dog. Since we are now considering adopting a dog, traveling with a dog is now also an issue for us. Because if a four-legged friend moves in with us, we will try to take it with us on trips as often as possible.

But which airlines allow dogs and how expensive is it to take your pets with you on vacation? For example, Ryanair does not allow pets on board at all. Fortunately, there are a few other airlines that welcome dogs on board. We have summarized for you in this blog post what these are and what costs you can expect for the transport. We always try to keep this article up to date (last update: 02.10.2022).

Overview: Which airlines allow dogs on board?

Unfortunately, it is not a given that every airline allows dogs or other pets to be taken with them. The costs for taking them with you also vary greatly; some airlines record dogs as “excess baggage” (and charge based on weight), other airlines only reveal the costs upon request.

AirlineAre pets allowed?Transport in cabin possible?Costs
CondorJaJaFrom 59,99 €
LufthansaJaJaFrom €50
TUI FlyJaJaFrom €40
EurowingsJaJaFrom €55
Air FranceJaJaFrom €30
KLMJaJaFrom €75
British AirwaysJaNoOn request
EmiratesJaNoAs excess baggage by weight
Overview: Which airlines allow dogs on board?

Ryanair: Flying with a dog

Unfortunately, Ryanair is one of the airlines that does not transport pets/dogs at all, with the exception of service dogs, which are pre-arranged via the hotline here must be registered (assistance dogs are also not allowed on flights to/from Morocco or Israel).

Condor: Flying with a dog

Condor offers very good opportunities to take your dog with you on holiday. You can easily register your pet via the Condor website register online. However, it should also be noted here that the capacity for taking pets is limited and only one dog or cat may be transported per transport box.

The cost of transporting animals depends on the flight destination. The cheapest zone 1 starts at €59,99 and the maximum weight here is 8 kg (incl. transport box). Zone 1 includes the Balearic Islands, the Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, as well as the Spanish and Portuguese mainland.

Zone 2 is priced at €74,99 and also has a maximum weight of 8 kg. Zone 2 includes the Canary Islands, Iceland, Cape Verde, Madeira, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Gambia & the United Arab Emirates. The remaining zones 3-6 are €99,99 and these include travel destinations such as the USA, Canada, South Africa, Asia, Mexico, the Caribbean or Central and South America.

Lufthansa: Flying with a dog

With Lufthansa, the transport options for pets depend on the type, weight and size of the animal. As with Condor, smaller pets that weigh up to 55 kg including the transport box (max. 40 x 23 x 8 cm) can be transported in the cabin. All information about traveling with pets can be found on the page Traveling with animals the Lufthansa.

About following Price calculator the costs for taking animals with Lufthansa can be calculated. Taking a small dog up to 8 kg with you on the flight from Frankfurt to Mallorca, for example, costs €60. Special transport conditions apply to List dogs and snub-nosed animals.

TUI Fly: Flying with a dog

Only dogs and cats may be transported on TUI fly. The same maximum weight applies to transport in the cabin as with Condor and Lufthansa: 8 kg including transport bag. TUI charges €40 for pets in the cabin and €60 for larger animals in the hold on international flights and €71,40 on domestic routes. It apply further requirements, such as identification using a microchip and a valid blue EU animal passport.

Eurowings: Flying with a dog

At Eurowings, pets are only permitted on short and medium-haul routes. In addition, the following rules apply:

  • The animals must be housed in a watertight, bite-proof, closed but air-permeable bag (no hard-shell container). The maximum dimensions are 55x40x23 cm.
  • The animal including the bag must not weigh more than 8 kg and must be able to stand upright in the bag, be able to turn and lie in a natural position.
  • Only one animal is allowed per bag and person.

Air France: Flying with a dog

With the airline Air France, it is generally possible to take animals with you. However, as of March 15, 2022, animals must be at least 15 weeks old. The cost of taking it with you varies greatly depending on where and where you are traveling from.

On French domestic flights, for example, taking an animal with you in the cabin costs €40 and €80 in the hold. For flights within the Caribbean, the cost of carriage in the cabin is only €30 loose and €75 in the hold. On flights within Europe, taking a dog or other pet with you in the cabin costs €55 and a whopping €200 in the hold. As with other airlines, 8 kg (including bag) is the maximum permissible weight for taking your animal with you in the cabin.

On the Air France website you can also log in from advise service team or contact the service team directly to register your animal for the trip.

KLM: Flying with a dog

As with some other airlines, KLM only transports dogs and animals in the cabin. The cost of transportation is between €75 and €400 per flight. The price depends on the departure airport and destination airport. The regulations, such as the maximum weight of 8 kg for carriage in the cabin, also apply to KLM. Animals up to a maximum of 75 kg can be transported in the hold, with some exceptions (e.g. transfers longer than 3 hours) which here can be read.

British Airways: Flying with a dog

With British Airways, dogs and other pets can only travel in the hold. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take them into the cabin of the aircraft - this also applies to “Emotional Support Dogs”. Recognized assistance dogs, however, are allowed to travel in the cabin free of charge. You can find out the cost of transporting a dog in the hold on the website British Airways on request.

Emirates: Flying with a dog

Emirates has a general policy of not allowing pets to travel in the cabin. An exception is only made for guide dogs and falcons (between Dubai and Pakistan). Emirates regulates the carriage of pets as excess baggage, for animals that weigh no heavier than 23 kg together with their cage, the cost is a whopping 500 USD. Between 24 kg and 32 kg the costs are already 650 USD and with a total weight over 32 kg 800 USD. You can find more information about the regulations at Emirates here.

More tips for flying with a dog

  • Flying for dogs means stress: try to make the journey as gentle as possible for your dog. That means: the best direct Flights instead of flights with connections/transfers.
  • You can prepare your dog for your flight together a few weeks before the start of the trip and send it to the Transportbox get used to.
  • Compare airfares: You can find my tips for finding the best airfares in my article Comparison: The best flight search engine

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