City ​​trips

City ​​trips

City breaks are one of my favorite types of travel. On the one hand because there are so many beautiful cities and on the other hand because you can experience so much in a short time. In the past few years, we have particularly taken extended weekend trips to cities in Germany – in Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg alone there are so many cute cities that are really worth investing 2-3 days in: For example these Festival city of Bayreuth. Even if you look a bit beyond the borders of Germany, there are great opportunities for a short or longer city trip: The Austrian capital Vienna did it to me too. Or of course the City of love: Paris is always worth a trip.

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Vacation in Germany: My top 8 regions for your vacation in Germany

Since vacationing in Germany will probably be the most popular travel option this year, I would like to present my top 8 places and regions in Germany that have enchanted me personally. I have a colorful mix of nature and city holidays for you. Be it idyllic cycling and hiking trails, sweet half-timbered houses, breathtaking waterfalls, wonderful bathing lakes or car-free islands like from a dream world.


The Four Seasons Prague – A pleasure in all seasons

You could say that it has almost become a tradition for me to travel around Christmas time. Because I always find it exciting to experience how other cities and countries prepare for Christmas and celebrate the festival of love. This time we went to the Czech capital at the end of 2019 - to Prague.


The most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany: My top 5

When the year is slowly coming to an end, there is a seductive smell of roasted almonds, punch and mulled wine outside and the first Christmas carols sound, then the time has come: the Christmas markets have opened their doors again and, in the truest sense of the word, sweeten our time until the holidays. On this occasion I have put together my personal top 5 of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany for you. And they hide in the most unusual places.


Window to Paris: From the Grands Boulevards to the Eiffel Tower

One of my favorite childhood movies is the Russian film Window to Paris. The film is about several protagonists who find out that they can get straight to Paris through a window in a St. Petersburg apartment by simply climbing through it. How much I wished for a window like that back then. So this time it was clear for me to find my own window on Paris. And I can tell you one thing: I found what I was looking for. Even three times.


Taschenbergpalais Kempinski in Dresden: A winter fairy tale in a grand hotel

With Teddy in my luggage, I went to the Grand Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski in Dresden in December before Christmas. Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows that my heart beats for unique hotels with history. Stories not only make us unique, but also the places where we find ourselves. You can feel the special atmosphere in the rooms and you might even feel transported to another time.


The sky over Berlin: What can Berlin do in summer?

Berlin: The city of artists and hipsters, investors, the found and the lost. Not long ago I was in the middle of summer and in the middle of Berlin. The city, which I regularly visit from time to time, is worth a visit at any time of the year, but in summer Berlin is actually just wonderful.


Short trip to Vienna – to a waltz in Vienna

There are those places that move with the times but still manage to preserve the beauty of the past. Places with a lot of history and even more emotions. One such place is Vienna. In this city it is worth looking for treasures from the past to get to know the real, world-famous Viennese charm.


Porto in December - a trip to the pearl of the Atlantic

Do you know this place that you immediately take to your heart? A place you've never been to, but one you instantly fall in love with because of its warmth. Such a place is Porto. When traveling to Portugal, the country is quickly associated with Lisbon, bizarre rock formations and hot surf spots.

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