City ​​trips

City ​​trips

City breaks are one of my favorite types of travel. On the one hand because there are so many beautiful cities and on the other hand because you can experience so much in a short time. In the past few years, we have particularly taken extended weekend trips to cities in Germany – in Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg alone there are so many cute cities that are really worth investing 2-3 days in: For example these Festival city of Bayreuth. Even if you look a bit beyond the borders of Germany, there are great opportunities for a short or longer city trip: The Austrian capital Vienna did it to me too. Or of course the City of love: Paris is always worth a trip.

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Traveling by train in Switzerland: Traveling with the Belle Époque train on the Golden Pass line from Zweisimmen to Montreux 

Would you like to take a little journey back in time? On the occasion of our first wedding anniversary, we wanted to treat ourselves to something special and decided to take a ride on the legendary Belle Époque train. We have long been fascinated by romantic train journeys that take us back for a moment to the fascinating era...

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