How much care does the soul actually need?

The hair is perfectly cut, dyed, thickened, the skin tightened, the lips injected, sweat runs down the operated nose and the flawless waterproof make-up during the Tabata workout in the fitness studio. A quick selfie from the hard work. The hard work on yourself. At least on the outside. It is no longer enough just to be beautiful and healthy. Beautiful is continuously redefined with every new snap or Instagram post. Many want to keep up or even trump the others, play along, win and be there. The show should look casual and completely candid. Quite casually, as if the shiny hair, the "ideal" body, the smooth skin and the perfect face were just a coincidence. No, fate.

We sweat it out in the gym and log it with selfies and snaps to prove it, we go to the drugstore and find everything we're looking for that we didn't even know we needed. There is an endless range of care products for every conceivable and imaginable part of the body. It is no longer enough to only own clothes that we feel comfortable in. It always has to be more, always better, always more beautiful and unusual. We can take care of each other until the doctor comes. And that will come sooner or later. We take care of our body, our social contacts, our job, our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. But what many people have forgotten or even overlooked is how to listen to their own soul, which probably needs the most care and nurturing. If the body is the temple, the soul is ultimately the occupant responsible for that temple. But some people only create a temple and neglect their soul, their competences and individual abilities. What good is a breathtakingly beautiful temple where no one lives anymore?

A temple that is constantly being worked on, that is even being expanded for a soul that got lost somewhere in it, doesn't feel comfortable or even completely lost all connection with the temple and ran away? And suddenly there is a spirit temple. Gorgeous, beautiful and terrifyingly sad. But how much care does the soul actually need? And how do you properly care for them? Please don't get me wrong, I take great care of my body, it is my temple in which I live, no, in which I like to live.

That's why I give him a lot of attention, I relax, send him on adventures, I eat responsibly and healthily, do sports and try to interpret the signals of my temple. i love my body Because he does so much for me. After all, I owe him so much. It moves me, provides me with air, keeps me alive even in moments when I no longer believed in life. He gives me strength in moments of weakness. Not everyone takes that for granted, which is why I appreciate him, his muscles, his looks, his strength. That he fights for my well-being every day. That's why I'm eternally grateful to him. I don't want to separate body and mind either. But even more important to me than a perfect body is a strong, kind, wise, experienced and compassionate soul, aware of its ignorance and always striving to learn, forgive and love.

That's why I try to invest a lot of time in my soul, because just as my body carried it in hard times, a healthy and balanced soul carries the body when it needs it most or when it shouldn't function the way it should at some point it wants. Then the soul becomes the framework of everyday life. But how do you take care of a soul? By doing what you think is right, listening to your gut feeling and allowing yourself time to retreat.

There is no patent formula, because every soul requires individual care. However, there are some methods to be more connected to yourself, your ideas and nature. In the next blog post, I will present my personal care tips to you so that you can concentrate more on the inner needs than just on the outside. You may be curious 🙂