Long-distance travel

Long-distance travel

The longing to travel far away, to unknown countries, is a reason for many people, including me, to pack their bags. My first long-distance trip was to Vietnam in 2012 and was a formative experience for me as well as a nudge to start this blog. In the years that followed, I went to countless other wonderful countries. A dream came true for me when I finally got on the plane Japan sat. In Japan we experienced snow storms, the famous cherry blossom and tasted the incredibly delicious Japanese food. Almost 12 flight hours took us to that Holiday paradise Mauritius brought us that enchanted us by its beauty with the breathtaking sunsets. Whether Singapore, Bali or the Bahamas: The world is full of wonders and begs to be discovered. I regularly invite you here on the blog, whether in a visual or literary way, to the most beautiful long-distance destinations in the world
Sunset in Mauritius

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Street Photography in China: Faces of Suzhou & Nanjing

Street Photography in China – Faces of Suzhou & Nanjing: I was recently invited by China Tours and the tourist offices of Suzhou and Nanjing to explore several cities in eastern China. This very special trip definitely left a lot of impressions on me and I am currently working hard on a comprehensive China guide for you.


Fivelements Bali – A Sustainable Wellness Retreat on the Ayung River in Ubud

There we stood in front of a slab, surrounded by a lush green lawn. A colorful ribbon made of three different colors was wrapped around my left index finger. My childhood ring dangled at the bottom. According to our priest, there is a holy place of prayer where special energies flow, exactly where we were standing. The ring swung, suddenly becoming a pendulum. Whether by wind, my pulse or whatever forces. The closeness to people and nature put a smile on our faces. Welcome to Fivelements Retreat in Bali!

Long-distance travel

Last minute vacation to Japan: is that possible?

Most of us associate a trip to Japan with far-off places, fascinating culture, the latest technology, but also with high prices and farsighted and timely planning. Travel to Japan is often already offered as an organized package tour, but the relatively high prices tend to deter many, especially younger people.

Long-distance travel

Japan cherry blossom vacation: Did you know that it's five centimeters per second?

Five centimeters per second - that's the speed of the cherry blossoms until they fall to the ground and at the same time also the name of one of the most beautiful and romantic anime from Japan. When you ask people if they ever want to travel to Japan, there are usually only two extremes: either they have little or no interest in the country, or they DEFINITELY WANT to go to the land of the rising sun from an early age!


Mauritius holidays in April: The paradisiacal island state in the Indian Ocean

There are these places in the world that I've always wanted to visit. But Mauritius was not one of them for me. Sure, if my friends suggested I go to Mauritius in the evening, I would have immediately exchanged the noisy cocktail bar for a paradise island without batting an eyelid, but otherwise I didn't exactly have Mauritius in my sights as the ultimate travel destination.

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