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Eternal Honeymoon

Where to go on honeymoon We asked ourselves this question after our civil wedding in 2014. Back then we quickly decided to spend our honeymoon in New York. At that time it was an absolute dream of ours: to experience New York in winter at Christmas time! And it was one of the most beautiful trips we have ever made. A year later we actually wanted to celebrate our wedding big, but instead we (surprise surprise) traveled again. And again and again.

We thought: Why only go on a honeymoon once? In 8 years we have traveled almost all over the world, have visited the most beautiful and impressive places in the world and are far from finished. So we came up with the idea of ​​one honeymoon travel blog to create. For couples, romantics, adventurers, connoisseurs and lovers. And by that we mean everyone who is in love with the world: the tingling and joyous excitement before a trip, the first sunset on an unfamiliar beach, a dish you have never tasted before and perhaps a language you have never known had heard.

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Honeymoon for the soul - we bring the honeymoon feeling into everyday life

We think you can treat yourself to a honeymoon alone, with friends, or even your family. Because it works Petit Chapeau especially those trips you've wanted for so long, those places you or you both have longed for forever. Journeys that not only make you forget your everyday life, but maybe even transform it. Journeys where you can surpass yourself. Because the experiences we make while traveling shape us for life.

Romance Travel - Not at home and yet at home

Petit Chapeau is the Honeymoon travel blog for connoisseurs: When we travel we like to collect stories, moments and pictures. Therefore, our hearts beat for extraordinary travel destinations as well as hotels and accommodation with history. We are regularly on the lookout for the most beautiful places in the world and the right insider tips for your honeymoon and pleasure trips. We do not report on interchangeable accommodation options, but on unforgettable experiences and exclusive pleasure trips. Our portfolio includes exceptional travel destinations, boutique hotels, unique luxury hotels, spa resorts, romantic bed & breakfasts and sustainable retreats. We attach great importance to special and innovative travel concepts.

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Zillertal Olperer Hut

Romantic Hotels - honeymoon hotels & destinations that will enchant you

Romantic and extraordinary accommodation are our passion! Because we think that accommodations that enchant us from the first moment are decisive for the course and mood of a trip. Especially on a honeymoon, the accommodation is part of your story! The feel-good factor of honeymoon accommodation is extremely important to us. Therefore you will only find carefully selected accommodation and hotels on our blog; right places of the soul, to which we would like to come back at any time.

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