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Tips and tricks for traveling and blogging: Maybe you want to pack your suitcase, because traveling has never been easier. My many years of experience should not remain a secret. That's why I'm sharing valuable tips & tricks on everything to do with travel & blogging in this category. For example, the easiest way to make a find cheap flight , or Book cheap rental cars can. From small personal guidebooks, over the right credit card abroad, to the most beautiful travel inspirations, you will regularly find food for your wanderlust in this section. I also provide you with helpful blog & social media Tutorials.

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Tips and tricks

Inexpensive parking at Frankfurt Airport

Cheap parking at Frankfurt Airport? A standard question that we often ask ourselves before our vacation is: Where will we park our car during our trip? Friends or family don't always have time to drive you to the airport, so looking for...
Tips and tricks

8 sustainable last-minute gift ideas for Christmas

Sustainable last minute gift ideas for Christmas Can you believe that Christmas is already in 2 days? Me neither. 2020 is a special year on many levels. We were out and about less, saw and hugged each other less often and at the same time had moments to rediscover many things...
Tips and tricks, WordPress

Set WordPress home page

Sometimes it's just the simplest-sounding things that present you with a hurdle. Today I would like to explain to you how you can set or change your WordPress homepage in three steps. It won't take you 5 minutes -...
Tips and tricks, WordPress

Duplicate WordPress site

There are now a lot of good “out-of-the-box” functions in WordPress. However, I was always missing one useful function: duplicating WordPress pages or posts that have already been created. These are often structured in a similar way and “only” differ in their content. If you...
Tips and tricks

Book cheap rental cars for your vacation

Book a rental car cheaply: Your next vacation is just around the corner and this time you have decided to explore not only the hotel complex but also the surrounding area a little? Then you won't be able to avoid a rental car. For me personally, a rental car is often...
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