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Sankenbachsee in Baiersbronn

Sankenbachsee & Sankenbacher Waterfall near Baiersbronn

In the Northern Black Forest I not only found my new home, but also discovered many new idyllic Black Forest places to hike and explore. In one of my last articles I already reported on our hike in the Murg Valley to the Forbach goat path. This time it goes even further...


Holidays on the Moselle - A weekend in Cochem, Beilstein and Pomerania

There are places in Germany that I just like to travel to again and again. Last summer we explored the picturesque Moselle region on a small road trip. Due to time constraints, we didn't make it to Cochem and Beilstein back then, but we wanted to make up for the excursions this time. What particularly fascinates me about the Moselle region is the incomparable holiday atmosphere. Historic towns, romantic palaces and castles, well-known wineries and numerous colorful half-timbered houses that line the river landscape like pearls: A holiday on the Moselle is not only beautiful, but also diverse. This time our exploration tour went to the holiday region of Cochem.

Goat pasture in Forbach Bermersbach

The goat trail in Forbach: Hiking in the Black Forest

Hiking in the Black Forest: It's not always the exotic countries that can enchant you. If Corona has taught us anything, it is that it is definitely worth exploring your own environment. We live in Baden-Württemberg, just a stone's throw away from the mystically beautiful Black Forest. Hardly any other mountain region in Germany is as diverse and at the same time as mysterious as the Black Forest. This article is about a hike in the wild and romantic Murg Valley. To be more precise, to Bermersbach, a district of the idyllically beautiful municipality of Forbach.


Vacation in Germany: My top 8 regions for your vacation in Germany

Since vacationing in Germany will probably be the most popular travel option this year, I would like to present my top 8 places and regions in Germany that have enchanted me personally. I have a colorful mix of nature and city holidays for you. Be it idyllic cycling and hiking trails, sweet half-timbered houses, breathtaking waterfalls, wonderful bathing lakes or car-free islands like from a dream world.


The most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany: My top 5

When the year is slowly coming to an end, there is a seductive smell of roasted almonds, punch and mulled wine outside and the first Christmas carols sound, then the time has come: the Christmas markets have opened their doors again and, in the truest sense of the word, sweeten our time until the holidays. On this occasion I have put together my personal top 5 of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany for you. And they hide in the most unusual places.


From Bernkastel-Kues to Calmont: Our Moselle road trip in June

The area around the Moselle is known for its excellent wines and an impressive landscape. In the midst of this breathtaking natural scenery, we made a 3-day round trip to the Moselle in June. Within seconds I felt like I was on vacation there. You can find out everything I experienced on the Moselle here!


Taschenbergpalais Kempinski in Dresden: A winter fairy tale in a grand hotel

With Teddy in my luggage, I went to the Grand Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski in Dresden in December before Christmas. Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows that my heart beats for unique hotels with history. Stories not only make us unique, but also the places where we find ourselves. You can feel the special atmosphere in the rooms and you might even feel transported to another time.


The sky over Berlin: What can Berlin do in summer?

Berlin: The city of artists and hipsters, investors, the found and the lost. Not long ago I was in the middle of summer and in the middle of Berlin. The city, which I regularly visit from time to time, is worth a visit at any time of the year, but in summer Berlin is actually just wonderful.

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