How I learned to trust life again and why it can also be the best decision of your life

I can still remember the times very well when I almost always expected the worst in my everyday life. Life sometimes seemed like an unpredictable monster to which I was completely at the mercy. It was lurking everywhere and I never knew what it would do to me again. Life and I - we really weren't friends. We were at war. I was always the cartoon character who stepped in every puddle and probably slipped on every banana peel.

11 steps to trust life again

That's how I saw it. Until I realized that at some point I myself had dissolved the friendship to life. It wasn't always like this between us. We used to be real friends, very good ones. I used to trust life and we had so much fun and joy together. But then something happened. Quite a lot has actually happened. I came to a foreign country as a child and for years I felt more or less a stranger, completely wrong, in the wrong place, in the wrong life. My inner mantra before bed was, "I want to go home."

But where was my home? Where has it always taken me? What was my longing for? I wanted to get to the bottom of this question and have searched and searched. Wanted in encounters, friendships, at work and in love. Wanted in other cities and foreign countries. For a brief moment I kept thinking I'd found the answer, until it melted between my fingers like sand and all efforts to find an answer evaporated again.

It could not go on like that. I knew that, but I didn't know how to break out of my own emotional construct. The construct that also influenced my thoughts. Until I realized something interesting: nothing and nobody ever stopped me from living the life I wanted. I had denied it to myself through false beliefs. Had blocked my own creative power through negative beliefs. And then I became aware of something that I was only able to formulate a short time ago: If nothing is right on the outside, then go inside!

1. The house within me

Even in my early years I built a kind of inner shrine for myself. A retreat in my soul filled with my favorite novels, music and dreams. Gradually, the shrine became a house, the house became a home, and the home became a temple, where I can always draw strength, regardless of what is happening outside. How important it is to be able to be with yourself and to look inward from time to time before you try to change something on the outside, I have already mentioned in my article How you can hear the voice of the heart again mentioned. All the answers are in you. You just have to dare to get to know your own soul. It doesn't happen overnight, but once you decide to do it, you'll learn a lot about yourself. And believe me: the better you know yourself, the more actively you can shape your life and no longer feel at the mercy of circumstances or fate. Nurture your inner home and discover a temple!

2. Because life is good

Let that melt in your mouth: life is good! Life wants the best for you. Life has carried you so far that you can now read or hear this text, breathe and are full of experiences. Each of your cells is pure life and takes care of you. Life is good, even if it's not always easy. When I think of hard times, I always remember the quote from Margaret Fishback's book, Footsteps in the Sand: "Anxious, I asked the Lord, 'Lord, when I began to follow you, you promised me to be with me in every way to be. But now I'm discovering that at the hardest times of my life, there's only one track left in the sand. Why did you leave me when I needed you most?"
Then he answered: "My dear child, I love you and will never leave you alone, especially not in hardships and difficulties. There, where you only saw a trace, there I carried you.” For me, God is life and life is God. Therefore, God is everywhere and in each of us.

3. Be in the now

There's no point in thinking about times that are long gone or don't even exist yet. I can confirm that from experience. I used to worry about the future all the time and as a result didn't really take advantage of my opportunities in the present. Of course you can imagine and dream about the future. This is a beautiful process and also releases great energies, provided one is aware of the here and now and exhausts the possibilities of the present. We only have the here and now in which we can actively change something. We learn from the past and in the present we create the future.

4. Let go of the past

There is hardly anything that is as liberating as finally letting go of the past. Letting go wholeheartedly, making peace and forgiving. At the same time, letting go is one of the most difficult tasks in life. Letting go does not mean forgetting, but closing with the past in gratitude for a new chance and dissolving destructive beliefs. You can read about the liberating effect of forgiveness in my blog article Why forgiveness can change your life ...

5. Positive beliefs

Each of us sees the world through our own individual perception. I have learned to replace negative beliefs with positive beliefs and step by step the world has changed for me. Positive beliefs have nothing to do with naivety, but with trust in life. If you trust life, you also trust yourself. A healthy self-confidence makes it possible to trust life as well.

6. Understand gratitude

I already understood the principle of gratitude back then, but for a long time I just couldn't feel any real gratitude. The pain in my soul was too great, overshadowing everything else. Of course that was an illusion. Because, as with almost everything, the focus on abundance is crucial when it comes to gratitude. For years I projected my thoughts on lack, i.e. things I didn't have before, instead of noticing all the abundance in my life. It took a few years to see that clearly, but it was actually like window cleaning: for years I thought the world was gray until I realized that I was standing behind an intact window that just needed cleaning. The colors have always been there. And suddenly I could see her. Every time I'm grateful, I brush away the dust that's clouding my vision. So I'm thankful every day. Especially for the supposedly invisible and self-evident things that are not so self-evident, such as my eyesight, my feet, my skin. The list is endless.

7. You are what you believe

Sounds trite, but I've grappled with this statement for a number of years and can confirm that the majority of all boundaries are set by ourselves in the form of limiting beliefs. When you truly believe something, every cell in your body believes in it, and over time you base your entire life on that belief. If you believe that you don't believe in anything, do you also believe? In the course of several years of development, I have gradually found my faith and can proudly announce: I believe in life. That wasn't the case for a long time. When I decided to believe in life, everything changed. I finally gave life another chance to be good to me and realized that for years I had denied myself this chance in the form of doubt and fear. Life wasn't bad to me, I was unfair to life and didn't allow for all the abundance.

8. Being connected: forming and maintaining friendships

In honest and enriching friendships we draw strength, courage and inspiration from each other. You will notice that as soon as you trust yourself and thus life, existing friendships will gain in depth and take place on a completely different level of communication. But friendships can be healing even if you're not fully trusting. Probably the most important friendship that you can cultivate is first and foremost with yourself. If you know yourself, you approach other people in a more secure, empathetic and balanced way. In this way, intense connections can be made that you never thought possible before. You have to imagine that you are like a transmitter, you consciously and unconsciously send messages out into the world with your feelings, thoughts and words, which in turn attract corresponding listeners. If you have the feeling that you are not attracting people into your life who are really good for you, then it is important to look at your own feelings, thoughts and desires in this case as well. We attract the people we need into our lives, but who we need is often unconsciously defined by ourselves. The more consciously you deal with yourself, the more valuable friendships can develop.

9. At the end of fear lies happiness

Whenever you feel tingling and excitement, follow that feeling! As soon as we move out of our comfort zone, the first thing we see is: danger. Therefore, our body has a protective mechanism in the form of stored memories. Intuitively, the body knows that it's highly unlikely that anything will happen to you while you're on the couch, which is why it's so easy to stay in your comfort zone and so hard to get out of it. But the comfort zone can spell doom for the spirit. Although survival seems to be secured for the time being, the soul is not happy in the comfort zone in the long run.

That's why it's so important to get out of your comfort zone every now and then, experience something exciting and relax again. It's like yoga: a symbiosis of tension and relaxation that leads to balance and balance. Keep visualizing that moment when you did something that initially scared you, but you also felt the urge to overcome that fear and just do it. Most of the time you feel pure joy and relief afterwards. You've learned something new and you feel stronger than ever.

10. Recognize your own creative power

You unconsciously breathe life into each of your actions. This is your creative power. If you use them consciously, passionately and with love, you can create wonderful things. And the more you open yourself to life and trust it, the better your creative power can unfold. It becomes the cycle of joy. Every time you create something that brings you closer to your vision, you will feel joy and happiness. This in turn will motivate you to create more and bring your joy into the world and share it with other people.

11. Wishes come true!

Try to remember what you wanted 10 or 15 years ago. And now look around. I could bet they came true over 80% of the time. Just maybe not in the exact form you envisioned. Still, we tend to focus on the missing 20%. Therefore, we often feel lacking and unable to perceive all the wonderful events as our wishes are gradually being fulfilled. Take a look at all your wishes that have come true. Aren't you a wonderful team, you and life? I think so ?

On my new podcast format Glaubenblicke By the way, you will find an episode on the subject of trust and like you your own creativity can recognize. You will also learn how I managed to enter into a loving relationship with my life and allow the good to happen.

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